Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner Review: Unveiling the truth!


Zenith Harmonic Pattern is a software developed to identify or scan prospective trade signals for the binary options traders. The software has been reported to function on the MetaTrader 4 for now. In simple terms, this software is primarily a financial trading software that alerts the trader about available options and it operates by analyzing Harmonic Patterns. Developers of Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner make big claims such as ensuring profitability by merely investing about 8 minutes a day, working with this software. These claims seem a bit too unrealistic and make the application appear less legitimate.

The scanner has been developed by company Arithmetic Trading LLC, ZenithHarmonic.com. Detailed information about the developers of this software is quite hard to find. The company website does not reveal any information about who we are dealing with. They don’t have an address mentioned, or contact number. The website does have a contact-us page with an embedded form (this is the only way to reach out to the company: www.zenithharmonic.com/contact-us). They have a facebook page (web.facebook.com/ArithmeticTrading; with 1281 likes so far) and have mentioned the date of company launch as 2010.

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner Review

This software offers more than 40 options that may impact the experience of a user and the overall results that may be secured. 

The key features include the possibility of adding as many pairs as the trader desires. As a default option, the software presents about thirty pairs, however, you can always add more or remove some of the instruments that are available and being traded on metatrader. Although, the developers have added it as a recommendation to keep using only thirty pairs at a time for the scan because it would take about five minutes to sca the 30 pairs. On the other hand, according to the developers, the scan may take a long time if there are 100s of pairs. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive in this way. They have mentioned about Forex, SpotOIL, Futures, Shares UK, Crypto Commodities, Bonds, OIL, Silver, Gold and any other instruments that the metatrader-4 broker would offer for trading. 

Another feature that this application is offering its users is the availability of H1, H4, D1 timeframes as a default option and usually with higher time-frames there is a greater likelihood of securing a profit. However, it is possible to work with lower time-frames as well but it is recommended to not go below M15. Zenith harmonic pattern scanner offers mainly three profit levels (that includes, TP1, TP2 and TP3), with TP2 as a default level. However, as a user, you may choose any. They also have a pattern accuracy number to denote how accurate the analysis is. The highest number that you may see is ‘100’, however, the accuracy is most reliable between the values of 85 to 90. Another feature that this software promises is the ‘breakeven’ (BE) setting that is available in percentage (in reference to ‘take profit’). With zenith harmonic scanner you also have the features of ‘partial close’ percentage and NB (combination of breakeven and partial close). 

Although, these features have been mentioned but the developers have made little effort to make this information easily available for a potential user. Moreover, a certain degree of clarity and coherence is also missing on the software website and elsewhere. 

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner Strategy

The developers of Zenith Harmonic pattern scanner claim that it is a certain way of making consistent profit in the binary options or Forex trade market. Moreover, they also claim that to operate this scanner, you would require no training or experience at all and can easily make hundreds of pips in a month. However, if you are aware of harmonic patterns, then you would appreciate the depth and breadth of this conceptual analysis. 

According to the application developers, they have used reversal strategy to analyze the harmonic market patterns and have tested it multiple times. According to their philosophy, everything in nature exists in a cyclical form and it is, therefore, easy to highlight patterns that repeat consistently.

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Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner Trading Result

The developers claim that with this scanner it would be extremely easy to make profit regularly via generating 100s of pips on a monthly basis. However, the claims seem far-fetched and are not backed by customer reviews. To improve the credibility of their product, they need to add authentic user reviews and improve the applications accordingly. 


Some of the competitors of Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner, include…

Client Feedback

One of the users have labelled Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner as a scam due to the fact that developers only have revealed a partial aspect of trade market and based on that have made lofty claims and promises to potential users.

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner Analysis

Zenith Harmonic Pattern scanner is allegedly an expert advisor that is for ‘metatrader-4’ and works on reversal strategy by analyzing harmonic patterns, primarily. 

  • Located: Not mentioned
  • Founded: 2010
  • Strategy: Reversal strategy that is based on analyzing the harmonic patterns
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Price: $197 (software purchase)


Harmonic pattern analysis is quite uncertain and risky business; moreover, it requires a great degree of caution. So, it would be far-fetched to claim that this would be the dream software that has the ability to generate hundreds of profitable gigs a month. Because, market behavior fluctuates drastically and makes it very hard to keep the profit margin constant. With little information about the developers and limited reviews about the software, it seems like a very shady deal and if you are considering it, the suggestion from Crypto-Cooks is to exercise caution. 

So, how do you feel about Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner? Is this something you would want to try? Or have you already tried it? Share with your thoughts or experience in the comments below…!


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