Weed trader review: A scam or legit trading software?


Weed trader is a software that is designed to trade in stocks of marijuana and other legal drug companies. As this industry is relatively new, there are many companies that have tried to capitalize on this profitable trade. Although weed trader claims to specialize in weed companies, their claim to have an automated trading system that can bring you most profitable trades is highly suspicious. It seems largely impossible to create an automated trading system without a long history of data on various companies.

Weed trader is basically an online platform that acts as a third party between traders and the companies. They basically have a system that will indicated which trades are profitable and invest in these trades. However, the company is not regulated and they have no contact information apart from an email- info@weedtrader.software. Apart from this, there is no other contact information such as phone numbers, address or other contact details. The website is: https://weedtrader.software/. This is the only sign that this company exists. While there are many legitimate trading companies, most of them are registered with an external monitoring authority and provide complete contact information. The fact that Weed trader does not provide complete contact information is an indication that you should be cautious before investing in this company. 

Weed Trader Review

Weed trader is not a company that deals directly with weed, unlike the name suggests. In fact, it is an online platform that claims to allow its users to trade profitably in existing weed companies. Although they are creating a lot of hype about this as a ‘separate industry, it is basically the same as trading in the stocks of any registered company.

Weed trader is actually a trading software that allows you to invest in weed companies, even if you do not have expertise in this field. In fact, they claim that the software allows you to invest without spending any time monitoring the stocks of these companies. They offer various trading options, but you’ll need to create an account before accessing these trades.

A positive thing about this site is that they allow you to set up a demo account to understand how the site works. However, you should not rely completely on the demo account as many customers’ reported different values between the demo trades and actual trades. Unfortunately, you will have to deposit a certain amount of money before you can begin trading and there is no guarantee that every trade is profitable.


Weed trader’s strategy is similar to any third party broker site. However, it adds the additional claim that everything is automated, so the system is more trustworthy than a human trader.

While it may be true that automated software can indicate which trades are profitable, you will still have to use a broker to transfer your funds. This is the part that they do not mention in their trading strategy, which is highly suspicious. If a company does not disclose all the information on how their software works, then it become difficult to believe that the strategy is legitimate. 


  • Location: Unspecified
  • Product: Automated trading software
  • Industry: Cannabis industry
  • Minimum investment: Not specified
  • Regulated: No
  • Customer reviews: Negative

Trading Results

Weed trader actually allows you to trade via a demo account to see whether the trading results are profitable or not. However, this is a demo account and you are not trading in real stocks. While the trading results of the demo account are positive, their claims cannot be backed by real trading results.

There is virtually no third party that can verify the claims of trading results made by the company. Before investing in any online business, you should consider whether they can show real trading results to back up their claims. 

You may want to take a look at some similar platforms, in order to make your decision: Templar Fund, Forex FuryBitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

Client Feedback

Unfortunately, several users (on external sites) seem unsatisfied with Weed trader. with some complaining that the site only gives the profits on small trades and they lose on larger trades. Furthermore, in the end, they seem to lose all the funds that they invest. This is in stark contrast to the results shown in their demo accounts. In other words, the company lures customers to invest by showing them great results in the demo account, but fails to deliver once it comes to real stocks. Moreover, the company has no client testimonials on their website either.


Weed trader is an online company that claims to have software that deals with cannabis stocks. While this is completely legitimate, the company is not regulated and their brokers do not provide any contact information. Besides, customer reviews show that you are more likely to lose money by investing in this company.

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