The Facts about MP My Pension: Scam or not? Decide for yourself!


MP My pension claims to be the most successful company for investment service. It claims that when you invest with My Pension, you can get 500% of the returns within a single hour. Does this sound authentic or real?

MP My pension is a great example of the scams which are exposed now. They are snatching money from the people with their policy of hundreds of percent return within a single hour. It is impossible in the real world because you can never get hundreds of percent profit in any trading system or business.

MP My pension scam was revealed when in one place they said it is a British company and at another place, they claimed that we are a Canadian based company. Moreover, British Columbia Securities gave a warning and asked people that it is not an authorized company to offer your investment services. 

The company website is following an email address and their contact number is (+16042436163). The facility of an active online chat is also available and they claim that their office is located in Toronto. However, according to them, they support online trading and there is no need to open the office. 

MP My Pension Review

MP My pension has a motto to collect money from the people only and they have no trading system or business. It is a Ponzi scheme that is stealing money from the people. My pension has offered unsustainable profit rates. Moreover, it is not a registered company which is providing services according to Great Britain laws. There is absolutely no proof of trading results or descriptions and details of pertinent information. The company has, nevertheless, tried to make an attempt at befooling novice binary options or forex traders. They claim that they trade cryptocurrency which is also a great scam. So, to invest money and receive income from MP is a lot doubtful. 


The basic strategy of My Pension seems to be in its benefits and the main purpose is to get more profit even through little investment. You can even invest 20 dollars for MP and can make multiple deposits at the same time. The company offers about eight investment plans with a daily profit margin to 500% which is unbelievable. You can invest from 20 dollars to 500,000 dollars with My Pension. They claim that you can withdraw any amount which is not less than 0.1 dollar. However, people must make a lot of research while you are investing money. It is not enough to go to the website and get complete details. Whenever you are going to invest money, make sure you just made a lot of research. 


Here are some facts and figures about MP My Pension which are displayed on the website

  • Founded in: March 2012
  • Location: One Queen Street East, Suite 4000, Toronto, ON M5C 2W5 Canada
  • Trading result: not explained
  • Amount to be deposited (min): 20$
  • Withdrawal for Crypto (min): more than 0.1$
  • Minimum withdrawal time: within 48 hours

Trading Results

Another main thing that people are familiar with is the trading result of the MP My Pension, which is not verified and they don’t even make an effort to provide supportive data about this. The profit margin which is explained on the website is not true although they claim that you can get 500% of the profit on a daily basis. But the truth is that people often get scammed and suffered from the great loss by investing in My Pension.

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Client Feedback

When it comes to client feedback, it is quite possible that you see positive reviews but the reality is not there. All of us know that it is very easy to post a positive review on the internet. So, whenever you are going to invest money make a lot of research. Never rely on the internet completely. Despite this, most of the feedback about MP My Pension is negative due to their poor services and lack of professionalism. Now they do have a very clever “testimonials” page ( ) on their website that shares a few email addresses and some usernames, allegedly making big money; this seems a bit too convenient and shady. So, if you have a plan to invest money, you must invest money for a quality-based trading company that comprises stock exchange and cryptocurrency. 


In short, if you have a plan to invest money, try to consult people who have a good experience of investing in a trading company. Generally speaking, when you have a mentor, there are fewer chances of facing a scam in the stock exchange market. My Pension, to invest money is a great loss. Even regulator BCSC warned people to stay away from it and refrain themselves to invest money. It is better to do financial trading with regulated companies only.  Always start with the free demo account which will also prevent you from the scam. Always keep in mind, with a trading company there are chances to make or lose money. So, think about these facts and figures and then invest money.  

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