Stellar Profit review: A legitimate site or cloned scam?


Stellar Profit is the latest site that offers trading robots in exchange for investing in their site. They specialize in crypto trading and claim to have robots that can help you makes profits even when the markets are in decline. In fact, they claim to help investors make millions when the crypto market is crashing.

Although many cryptocurrencies have seen fluctuation, it makes no sense how they can be detected, so this site should be reviewed in detail to determine whether it is legitimate or not. Stellar profit is a bitcoin investment site and should not be confused with other sites such as Profit Stellar. Many such trading sites have similar names, which could confuse traders. Stellar Profit claims to provide trading robots that can detect the movement of the market and help customers make a profit from these changes. So you would basically hope that the market goes in decline before you can start making profits.

Stellar Profit is basically a site that operates online. They do not provide any specific registration details, but it seems that they are affiliated with another similar site: Bitcoins Profit. They do not provide any evidence of registration so you do not know if you are dealing with a registered company or not. Furthermore, they have not provided any details about their third party brokers, so the brokers are unregulated as well. The website is: Apart from this, there is no way of getting any further contact information on this company.

Stellar Profit review

Stellar profit is a site that offers various investment opportunities to different investors. They offer various plans that will generate different returns. However, you will have to create an account before you can access the robot. They claim that once a customer signs up, they will be granted access to a trading robot as well as a third-party broker that will allow them to withdraw their earnings.

Unfortunately, various tests have shown that users cannot access the trading robot, so you will have to rely on their automated services. Because everything is automated, you do not have to do anything, which could be a positive aspect for new investors. However, this is risky and involves trusting that the site’s trading strategy is legitimate.


The trading strategy of Stellar Profit is quite strange. They claim to provide consistent returns in both forex trading and cryptocurrency trades, even when the markets are in decline. They do not provide further information as to how this is possible. They also do not provide any specific details on how this trading robot works or which software it uses. This lack of information is not attractive for investors, as they would be unsure of whether to trust the site or not. Without a solid strategy, it also makes no sense to claim such profits as well.


  • Company: Stellar Profit
  • Services: Automated trading robot
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Strategy: Crypto trading robot
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

Stellar Profit claims to provide 88% returns on each win. This means that you are making a profit of almost 90% of the time, which is quite unrealistic. In addition to this, they have not provided any solid strategy so their returns are the only evidence that this site is legitimate. Unfortunately, the site does not provide any verification of their trading results and neither can they be verified through any third party.  This makes it difficult to assess the legitimacy of this site.

Client Feedback

Stellar Profits has been around for some time now, so they have many customer reviews. Many customer reviews point towards the fact that this system as the customers are extremely dissatisfied with this service. The site has not made many payments to its users and many users seem to have been scammed by third party brokers. Even though these brokers might not be directly part of the site, they are still affiliated with this site, so it makes them directly responsible for any losses.


Stellar Profit might have profit in its name, but it will actually be a loss for investors. Not only do they not provide any contact information or registration details, but they also have no solid trading strategy, so you are not aware of how the site plans on making a profit. Besides, they have not provided any trading results that can be verified by a third-party and the customer reviews are extremely negative. Although new investors would be recommended to stay away from this site, there is no need to do so as it appears that the company has closed recently.

If you have had an experience with StellarProfit, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments below!

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