Profex Trade and Trade Boost FX review: The Hard Facts!


The trading software of Profex trade and trade boost FX, have been the subject of various discussions, regarding whether such software is legitimate or not. Profex trade and trade boost FX are two different products that serve the same purpose. They supposedly allow you to trade automatically on their platform with indicators that you will be able to earn profits of up to 400% through forex trading.

The Profex trade and trade boost FX are part of the same scheme. Upon reviewing their site, it becomes clear that both these products were developed by the same people. However, they have kept it under two different names to attract a larger customer base. The address provided on the website shows that they are located in the United States. However, they have stated that this is a UK company. These differences in their contact information are the first sign that there is something wrong with this scheme.

Profex Trade and Trade Boost FX Product Review

Both the Profex trade and trade boost FX are platforms that allow you to trade in forex or binary trading. They claim to have automated trading software that can help you trade in forex without doing anything yourself. It operates on the same principle as many other automated trading software. While trading software is not illegal, there is no software that can provide returns of 400% as claimed by the website. This site claims that its profits can start from 30% and go up to 400%, which is impossible, even in forex trading.


Profex trade and trade boost FX, both claim to b platforms that allow inexperienced users to trade in forex and other binary options without needing any knowledge of how the markets work. Profex trade and trade boost FX claim that they can automate the trading process in such a way that you get maximum profits without keeping track of the markets. However, forex trading is not static, so this software cannot be reliable in the long term unless it is based on AI. Furthermore, even the most profitable trade combinations cannot guarantee profit margins as high as 400%. This is simply unreal. Therefore, its basic strategy is based on something that is impossible and so it should be considered as a scam.


  • Products: Profex trade and trade boost FX
  • Profit margins- 30% to 400% (these are the margins given by the company, and are yet to be verified).
  • Bronze: $200-$1000
  • Silver: $600-$5000
  • Gold:  $1000-$20000
  • Trading Results: Unverified

Trading results

The company claims that its Profex trade and trade boost FX platforms can provide extremely positive trading results on a consistent basis. Trading results are fixed according to the different plans that you choose. The company claims that you can get a fixed percentage of profit if you trade using their platform. These profits range from 30% in the bronze plan to 400% in the exclusive plan.

However, not only are these results unrealistic, they cannot be verified by any of their customers. This is a sign that it is likely to be a scam. Another issue with the trading results is that it is based on a fixed percentage, whereas the markets are constantly changing. It is impossible to guarantee a fixed percentage of profits in the forex markets.

Client feedback

It is very difficult to find client feedback regarding the Profex trade and trade boost FX platforms. This is either due to the fact that the company is not well known amongst reputable investors, or it is new in the market. However, many review sites have provided negative comments regarding these products. Apart from the company’s own website all other sites have provided a negative feedback on these products. They are labeled as ‘scams’ in most platforms. Although actual customer experiences can vary, it is unlikely that a legitimate product will receive such negative comments.


 The Profex trade and trade boost FX are most probably scams that you should avoid. They set unlikely profit margins that are not backed by any evidence. In addition to this, their strategy seems to be based on the same principle as many other trading scams. They will promise that their software is the most efficient in the market and they will refer you to a shady broker who will scam all your money. These schemes also go against the scientific evidence of forex trading.

Even the most advanced trading schemes cannot guarantee a fixed profit. This is because forex trading in itself is amongst the most uncertain trading markets. You should try and stay away from such schemes. Rather, you should trade with a registered broker. You should also remember that any investment scheme that promises unrealistic profit margins is likely to be a scam.

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