Phoenix Crypto review: Is it worthy or another Scam?


Phoenix Crypto claims to be amongst the premiere dealers, based in Arizona, in the cryptocurrency market segment. They also operate as a blockchain educator institutions and an operator for Bitcoin ATM. Phoenix Crypto has been advertised as one of the investment companies operating in the cryptocurrency market segment (concerned with trading and mining). It also offers trade opportunities involving commodities and stocks on traditional market segments.

The company information is shrouded in secrecy and there is no information about the company owners anywhere publicly. You wouldn’t find an “About-Us” page on the website. They have shared on their website, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that their company has been accredited by BBB. Their ‘Instagram’ profile also shares an image of company-stall at an alleged conference related to blockchain technology, i.e. “Nexus Earth”. When you visit the LinkedIn profile of this company, you would be able to find out that the company has 3 listed employees on LinkedIn but the only public information is about their social media manager (Alma Sommer). The other two members, who have been tagged as founder and team lead manager, have private profiles with no identification revealed to the general public.  

Although, Phoenix Crypto has company presence on various social media platforms, there is no information about the company founders at all anywhere. The only piece of information that is very certain about this company is the fact that they are located in Arizona, USA. However, the company website does share an email address ( and a phone number (623-335-2916).

Phoenix Crypto Review

Phoenix Crypto positions itself as a consultant and seller in the cryptocurrency market segment. They pride themselves as a reliable provider of ATM services for cryptocurrency across Texas and Arizona. According to the company’s social media profile description they started initially as a hobby and later expanded into a team of professionals, who are passionate about cryptocurrency. The company also takes stance as a cryptocurrency educator and information provider, hence, their role as a consultant. Company owners pride themselves on the great customer support and an open attitude in diverse situations.

Strategy or Operational Framework

The company claims to be offering consultation services, as well as, trading options that are available as in-person and through their ATMs. There is no explanation of how it would happen via their ATMs, it would have been great if they included any relevant description or guide regarding this on their website. The company website shares that they are able to deal in Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum. Furthermore, their ATM machines happen to be functional when buying and selling cryptocurrency. However, more information is required to understand the depth and breadth of this service.


  • Located: Arizona and Texas, US
  • Founded: 2013
  • Service: Open source blockchain ATM, Consultant, Bitcoin buyer-seller
  • Contact number: 623-335-2916
  • Email/s:;

Trading Result

They position themselves as an open source blockchain ATM service provider, however, they also claim to be serving as a consultant and buyer-seller of bitcoin. Therefore, it would have added much to the overall company credibility if they shared any results to substantiate the claims. 

Phoenix Crypto Client Feedback

There are about 16 reviews on the company’s facebook page and it has been rated a 5 out 5 star on Facebook. The good thing about these reviews is that majority of the reviewers seem to be based in Arizona, US (where the company seems to be located). There are only 5 reviewers who have shared a comment along the usual rating. 

It seems to be a detailed review and it is interesting to note that the reviewers seems to have been using the services of this company since the time it was founded. Quite a delay before sharing a review.
This begs the question, “Who is Doug?”; The company founder? The manager? Customer Support guy? We couldn’t find any information about Mr. Doug or any founding members of this company.

As you can see, the reviews still seem very generic and vague. It is interesting to note that all of the reviews have been generated in 2018 (between the months of March to November). However, this does not indicate exclusively that the company is a scam or is legit. 


Phoenix Crypto seems like a company with potential, however, they need to work a lot on building their rapport and presence in the cryptocurrency and open source blockchain market. Moreover, a lot of work needs to be done in the areas of maintaining transparency with the potential customers. There is a lack of information regarding strategic specifications and the acquired results by the customers. 

Before, taking a decision or settling on an opinion, check out the reviews of some other products that belong to the same market niche…such as Streambit, GenoBitC and Airdrop Cash.

Have you had any experience with Phoenix Crypto in Arizona, USA? Or have you heard something about their services? We would love to hear from you, in the comments section below!

Happy trading!


  1. Just because you can’t find out anything on the company or it’s ownership doesn’t mean there isn’t any – it just means your research skills are lacking. Learn your business please. From what I’ve experienced with Phoenix Crypto so far they are the only operation I’d do business with. I’ve bought BC through PC several times over the last couple of years and have had no problems that Doug didn’t quickly and astutely resolve. Just last week I had tried to sell BC through one of Doug’s ATM’s and due to technical issues at my end it didn’t work out. I had already sent the BC to Doug but he sent it back to me in full immediately upon my request which is what you want when you are dealing with a stressful situation. He has always responded to my emails quickly enough for me (once at 2 in the morning which I didn’t expect after I contacted him at midnight about the BC sell problem) and I can only say good things about Phoenix Crypto.


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