One Bitcoin A Day Review


One Bitcoin A Day is a crypto trading bot that claims of helping traders make one bitcoin per day. According to the bot’s website, Justin Hagan a crypto trading expert and self-proclaimed billionaire founded the bot. Justin Hagan has been in the crypto trading industry for close to 8 years. As such, the bot boast of using detailed expertise to build a state of the art software that generates huge profits.

After 2017, when the popularity if cryptocurrencies reached its climax, so many bots mushroomed, promising mind-blowing trading experiences. However, most of these websites have proven to be fraudulent. If you are looking to invest in crypto bots, it is essential you learn how to identify legitimate bots from frauds. On that account, this article will look into One Bitcoin a Day to help determine if it is a reliable bot or not.

One BItcoin A Day Review

One Bitcoin A day has a 90% success rate. The bot has placed several strategies to achieve this win rate and remain consistent.

Firstly, the bot takes pride in investing in complex algorithms that scan the bitcoin market for viable trading opportunities and places trades accordingly. As such, the trader does not have to place efforts in studying financial market and trends in cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is monitor your account for less than 20 minutes a day.

Secondly, automated trading uses the high-frequency trading feature. This is because the market is 0.01 seconds ahead. Hence, trades are executed faster since they lack the delay of human emotions. Du to the fast trade execution, traders can perform several trades concurrently. As such, he or she is able to double and triple their profits explaining why the bot claims of creating millionaires from ordinary traders.

Therefore, the best trading strategy for the bot is the auto-piloted trades that saves the trader time, and the hustle of understanding financial market yet still makes great profits.


To start, all transactions done in the bot are commission-free. As such, you are able to take home 100% of your profits. In addition, the bot allows payments done through credit and debit card such as MasterCard and Visa Card. These payment features are verified enhancing the security feature of the bot. The bot also allows several other payment systems such as wire transfer and Neteller Maestro. Therefore, no matter our choice of payment system you are guaranteed safe and successful transactions.

Other than that, the minimum amount of deposit allowed to trade is $250. That is quite affordable, opening up the bot to all potential traders. The minimum amount also minimizes the risk of loss especially to beginners who do not have the skills of trading. There is no limit to the withdrawal amount. Similarly, withdrawals take less than 24 hours to mature after request.


One Bitcoin A day displays high levels of transparency when it warns its customers of leaving the automated bot running for more than 12 hours. The bot claims that these may result to lose.

In addition, the bot is clear on the demo account question. It does not offer a demo account. This clears any doubts and traders remain aware of what they are getting. However, the bot offers a guide to help in navigating the trading software for newbies and even gurus in the Industry. The bot also offers a money-back guarantee to traders in case they feel they are not sure before conducting any live trading.

Other than that, One Bitcoin A Day advises traders to withdraw their profits as soon as they earn to avoid cases of losing money after subsequent trades, However, the bot still allows people to trade with their profits.


Testimonials are always a prof that the crypto trading software is actually in existence and is profiting traders. The bot has amassed testimonies of transformed lives and traders who make $1000 per day just by trading with One Bitcoin A Day.


On the other side, the bot has its shortcoming. To start, One Bitcoin a Day does not offer a demo account. As such, newbies do not have the opportunity of learning the skills of trading before investing in real cash. This shows that the bot is more interested in making money than the success of its customers. It is a red flag for a potential swindle.

Other than that, the bot has severally received a backlash due to its unattainable promise of one bitcoin a day. The value of one bitcoin translates to $1200. As such, earning such amount of money is overrated and only meant to lure traders into signing up with the bot. Therefore, the bot should get rid of that marketing strategy and work with a reasonable number.

So should I trade with One Bitcoin A day?

Well, the trader always has the last say. We have done the hard work for you by highlighting the bot’s features and its shortcoming. Therefore, depending on your customer preference weighing the features and failures and safely decide to invest or not. However, if you choose to invest in the bot, I recommend you monitor your account regularly to avoid unnecessary loses.

In summary, trading in cryptocurrencies is always a risk. On that account, you need to make sure you minimize your risk right from your choice of a bot. Therefore, I hope this article helps you identify legitimate bots from fraudulent ones to minimize your risk


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