Netfix Review: Scam or Mega-Scam?


Netfix is one of the available cryptocurrency applications that claims to help you make profits that are as high as 6% to 18% in a month! They promise to give you control over your cryptocurrency by enabling you to better manage the blockchain financial aspects with a secure and open-source wallet. They also offer a membership card that functions very similar to a typical debit/credit card. 

It’s hard to find out relevant information regarding owners or developers of this company. They seem to be located in Shenzhen, China. The facebook page of Netfix mentions Matrixbit Lab Limited as their primary owners. They have two websites that relate to the same product or business model; i.e. and They reveal very little about the company owners on; a lot of important page-links do not work on this website (e.g. About, Contact page etc). However, on the other website, they have ample information. The discrepancy between the two websites is a bit discomforting and begs the question of why there is a discrepancy at all. The branding is exactly similar, so another question that comes up is why have they created two websites?! The website does not reveal any contact information but from the other website the only contact information is their phone number: +6283841952423 and a web-form:

The company mentions Mr. Raymond R Chan as founder of Matrixbit Lab Ltd, who has worked in cryptocurrency industry for about 8 years before actually founding his company. However, this is all that we know about the founder; there are no links to social media profiles or credible information. 

Netfix Review

As a company Netfix positions itself as a platform that is striving to open diverse economic opportunities through developing various blockchain mechanisms or solutions. The company claims to be operating since the year 2018 and has exclaimed to be an active member of various blockchain platforms. However, they have not provided any evidence of this active involvement and it is very difficult to find relevant company information. 

They have mentioned being involved in various projects that include Netfix i.ROBOT (Platinum, Titanium), Netfix Pay, Netfix Membership, Mining Farm, Merchant, Exhange, e-comm support, Matrixbit Coin (MXBIT). Allegedly, all of these have been developed by the parent company, Matrixbit Lab Ltd., that has been promoted on their website as a pioneer and well-experienced with cryptocurrency and blockchain market segments in China. 

As mentioned above (in the introductory section), the company has dual web-presence and it creates a conflict in the mind of potential client. It is apparent that the company is new in the cryptocurrency niche and may have been experimenting with different market positioning tactics. However, there is a strong need to fill the gap regarding information related to founders, their background, details into the strategy and contact information.

Similar to Netfix, there are other investment and mining programs in the cryptocurrency market segment…such as…

However, before selecting a program or an application in crypto and binary options market it is very important to properly weigh the odds of promised profit percentages.

Netfix Strategy

The company operates on arbitrage strategy and functions as a risk free no loss investment model which sounds quite unrealistic. The Netfix promise of about 6% to 8% profitability may not seem like a big deal but in cryptocurrency market segment it is a big deal to be making such absolute and exclusive profit statements. One of the important aspects of arbitrage in cryptocurrency is that such opportunities are exceedingly limited and are often utilized by other professional bots, leaving little to no space for several users attempting to trade them. According to the Netfix affiliate program, you get an extra 10% (in addition to the maximum limit of 18%) by luring more users to their system. 

As a rule of thumb, any investment scheme should have proper authorization, however, Netfix does not have any authorization at all. Even though they are making promises about lofty returns on user investments, Netfix exists as a non-regulated and anonymous entity without any licence. The company also makes detailed future plans, however, little evidence has been provided to corroborate their story. 


  • Located: ShenZhen, China
  • Founded: 2018
  • Strategy: Arbitrage
  • Technology: Fintech and blockchain
  • Investment: $100 to $50,000
  • Trading Results: Not verified

Netfix Trading Results

They have not provided any evidence of trading results. There are descriptions of theoretical framework of their trade methodology and options. They have provided a milestones map for their company progression in future, however, so far they do not appear to be verified by any third entity. Even in their map, they have enlisted the goal of getting registered with Global Exchanger and getting listed in Coin Market Cap (CMC) as something to be achieved during 2021. So, it’s all in the future.

Client Feedback

They do not have any comments or reviews displayed on their website. The only feedback they have is on their Facebook page! On the Facebook page of Netfix, there are only 6 reviews (giving a 5-star rating to the company and its services), that seem too generic and have no detail or any relevance to specific program features. 


Netfix appears to be lacking at several places when it comes to providing relevant information to substantiate its claims. The program features and promised profit margins are also lofty and somewhat unrealistic. However, the company may be given a certain benefit of the doubt based on their shared year of being founded, i.e. 2018. 

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  1. i invested somewhere in January.
    comes March everything stop
    up till now only announcement made in telegram.
    we could not communicate anyhow.
    a few times i emailed them. (the reply is like they are using robot.)
    our local leaders create WhatsApp group but only to frustrate our anger, as our leader repeatedly said (be patience and wait and wait and wait)
    i think I’ve been had.

  2. They are scam I think, the wallet stops working for months now and they claimed they are doing an update and the update going on for months which did not make any sense.


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