Mega Crypto Trade: Is it the REAL Deal?


Mega Crypto Trade is a website that offers both crypto mining and trade options. The company claims to have a customized platform for trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Binary Options and CFD’s; with bitcoin mining as a recently added feature. There are various investment options that you can choose from, starting from $300. As a way to promote the service, they claim to provide returns of close to 200%; which seems absolutely hard to achieve.

Mega Crypto Trade is an online company that does not have any physical address. This is quite strange for a company that offers services that require regulation. In many countries you cannot offer financial services if you are not regulated. However, the company exists virtually as they do not have any physical location. The website provides most contact information from the email to their own phone number. However, it makes no sense without having any regulation or license. The website is You can mail them at: Alternatively, you can phone them at: +1 (484) 240 5161. This contact information should not make you excited, however. They seem to have a history of not replying to queries, especially that of their customers.

Mega Crypto Trade Review

Mega Crypto Trade is basically a trading platform that offers crypto mining services as well. They offer various plans which range from $300 to $10000. In addition to this, you can get returns of up to 200%. Imaging getting returns of 200% on a $10000 investment! Not only do they claim to have the best mining equipment, but they also offer a platform where you can trade in cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, most people do not realize this and many online companies take advantage of this by convincing them to invest and then pulling them into a scam. These companies claim that they offer premium services so that you have a solid investment platform. While some sites specialize in crypto trading, others offer crypto mining services, which usually attracts more people. They claim to have the most advanced technology set up in order to mine and trade cryptocurrencies.

If you are still not convinced, whether you should invest in this scheme or not, you should consider that they have put outdated information on their website. If a service cannot keep a website, error-free, how is it supposed to have a 90% success rate in the bitcoin trades? As mining is more complex and requires a deeper understanding of crypto, the site is completely geared towards offering crypto-mining investments.


The strategy behind how Mega Crypto Trade makes profits can be divided into various sections, depending on the service offered. While it is not clear how they plan on making a profit on crypto mining, they claim to have the best mining equipment available. This process involves investing in a mining rig that is placed with the company. You get a share of the coins mined from this rig. This is similar to purchasing shares in a real company.

In addition to this, they claim to have the best trading robots that function on AI technology to get the best trades. Although AI is powerful, there are no records of it being used in the crypto markets. You would certainly think that such a development would become famous.


  • Products: Crypto trading, crypto mining, virtual banking
  • Location: Not specified
  • Minimum investment: $300
  • Maximum investment: $10000
  • Mining results: Unverified
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Strategy: Crypto mining rigs, crypto trading robots

Trading Results

Like all such sites, Mega Crypto Trade has taken every effort to emphasize its efficiency and great results in a general manner. Customer testimonials point towards the fact that the site can make you thousands of dollars in profit. However, judging from the pictures that they have used on the site, the customer testimonials are not real. In fact, this site cannot prove their claims through any credible external regulator.

The company has displayed various trade logs on their website but these cannot be verified for authenticity.

Customer Feedback

Mega Crypto Trade has a few client testimonials on their website that may not be verified for authenticity. These testimonials that have been on the company website are overly positive and generic.

However, of the few third-party comments that we have found, most people complain that the site is unresponsive, especially when it comes to withdrawing your money. In addition to this, they provide a vague overview of how much profits you can expect, which leaves space for the site to scam you.


You should always explore how a platform works before investing in it. This includes taking a full overview of their strategy, customer feedback as well as authenticated results (if any). It also helps to see whether the site is monitored by a regulatory authority or not. Unfortunately, Mega Crypto Trade has many shortcomings in all these departments. While the customer feedback can be dismissed as external, they cannot claim to be legitimate without providing a solid trading strategy or proof of their results.

Some of the better options would be…

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  1. I invest binary options trading platform about 100$ with the profit of 1500$ for 2days.after 2days it’s time to withdraw the profit start processed they said cash in 300$ to pay the company commission I pay the commission after I pay the company commission start processing the withdrawal again but after a few hours the company send and email that my profit is pending because I need to pay the block chain.pls. help me my profit is not withdraw.

  2. I deposited $100 as per advert, then they said their system was upgraded which could not accept my $100 so minimum should be $200. I then deposited another $10₩ to make it $200. After 24 hours they said I can withdrawal my profits but I need to deposit $550 to upgrade my account. That’s when i realised that it’s a scam

  3. This website is totally one type of online scam. So plss not invest Ur money hard earn money in this website. Once u invest money after when u have to withdraw money u have pay too much fee for after that also u not able to withdraw Ur money. And u lost all Ur money same like me..just few day before I lost my money 2000$.


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