Is yet another scam? Beware!

0 claims to be the most effective trading company since September 2019. Initially, there were only two investment proposals but now the owner of the platform has presented six investment plans. According to the site, the main motto of the company is to help people who are suffering from debt. They give loans to the people from the investor funds in a decentralized L2B system. So, in a contemporary consumer society, the role of the banking system can be eliminated with the use of this policy.

The company website is, shares a customer support email id and their registration number is 12199033 (according to what they have shared over the company website). A 24-hour online facility is available and you can ping on their email and their round the clock email team will reply to you very fast. 

Commexx Product Review has been quite a controversial and shady service provider because of the extravagant investment plans and outrageously unrealistic profit margins (6% daily!). Given the profitability promise, it puts a big question mark to the credibility and reliability of as a service provider in binary options and Forex marketplace.

Commexx claims to have 6 investment plans with returns daily as high as 6%. But in reality, they don’t seem to be a real deal and their service seems to be a sham. It is very easy to see the truth through their numbers: 6% daily means 180% per month which is an unbelievable and preposterous number. Moreover, this company is not authorized to provide investment services. 

The terrible thing about is that users normally face difficulty in finding a referral’s commission. For any sort of extravagant information, the admin asked to visit the representative section. The reality is that there is no representative section on this site. Only Affiliate section has been seen on the site in which there are banners of various sizes.

Many other sites have better investment plans and in these sites, your money is not sacrificed. All you have to do is to read the reviews first and if you get any negative review about that site, go and investigate properly. Here are a few similar companies that you may want to consider StreambitGenoBitC and Airdrop Cash.


Commexx international have stable investment plans. Whenever you invest money in the company by making a deposit, it will start working. Different investment plans are available on the website, including one with 1.15% daily for about 50 days, another with 2% daily for a total of 45 days, 3% daily for 40 days, 4% daily for 35 days, 5% daily for 30 days and an unbelievable 6% daily for 25 days.

All of this seems very unrealistic, given the risks involved in the binary options trade sector. Moreover, according to the company, all the interests would be directly added to your account and upon reaching the minimum withdrawal limit, you should be able to withdraw your interests anytime. showcases this as an individual opportunity to earn money through passive income. also offers an affiliate program to its customers and according to the company website, you can make extra money by inviting people to this investment platform through social networks, text ads, and banners. So, you can get a chance of commission at the rate of 5%-3%-2%-1% from each deposit of your reference. They state that the affiliate commission will be directly added to your balance whenever your reference account makes a deposit. A representative bonus for the new member 0f 7%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1% is also offered whom you invite to the program.

They have the policy of making one registered account only. Your account will be blocked whenever you create two or more accounts. It results in blockage of account and cancellation of your funds.  


Here are some facts and figures about commexx international which has been displayed on their website. 

  • Founded in: 2019
  • Location: 112 Curtain Road, Hackney, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 3AH.
  • Company website: 
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Strategy: Not properly explained
  • Minimum amount to be deposited: 10$
  • Withdrawal for crypto(min): 5$ for Bitcoin and 1.5$ for Payeer
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

Trading Results

Another thing from which you have to be familiar is that the trading results of are not verified as they don’t have real products. Whenever the company claims to be a profitable trading result then the promised profit margin will be realistic so, it is an important clue to check whether the company is a scam or not.

Client Feedback

Most of the feedback about is negative as they don’t have real policies. The company is rated as 2.5 stars which proves that it is not a trustworthy company. So, do your research completely if you have a plan to invest with commexx international. 


Commexx international is a terrible scam in which you can lose your money easily. So, beware of it. A free demo with a regulated broker will be beneficial if you want to invest your money. Before investing keep in mind, in the stock exchange, you can win but also lose. So, be careful while investing money and have an accountable strategy. 

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