Is Bitcoin hero the REAL deal?


Bitcoin hero claims to be the most effective platform for trading bitcoin. According to them, they have a team of experts available for consultation 24/7 and you would be able to get 99.96% accuracy as it is motorized by algorithms presenting skills up to the mark. All of this sounds too good to be true though.

The company came into being in 2009 and allegedly (as shared by the company) some of the renowned professionals’ have created this platform. The company primarily exchanges Bitcoin for currency and claims to be as simple a process as is conducting transactions via an ATM. Apparently, the process is simple enough for anyone to get going on their platform and start earning profits. However, according to creators you have to keep possibility of the risk if you are going to trade aggressively. The company website is, there is no email address and no other company information available for the potential traders. Apparently, you’d have to sign up in order to find out more information.

Bitcoin Hero Review

Bitcoin Hero claims to be growing consistently since 2009, however, they don’t have a lot of supportive evidence shared on their website. Bitcoin becomes mainstream day by day as more people are supporting it, however, the main reason for increasing the popularity of Bitcoin is it’s fully decentralized and fetch democracy to real money. Bitcoin Hero claims to be an efficient platform that is making the bitcoin to regular currency trades possible and easy like a breeze, for its potential customers. They claim to be a “no-risks” platform, however, whether there’s truth to their claim seems to be controversial because they haven’t shared anything about their company or company developers.

One of the first things that one notices about Bitcoin Hero is the over-simplicity of its website. The website has no information about the company, no customer support options and a template that seems to be circulating all around the internet. If Bitcoin Hero is a legitimate service provider, they must add in a lot of information that is required to establish trust with their potential customers.


Bitcoin hero offers you to make a free account on their website, in order to start trading. For this, you are supposed to make an initial deposit of 250$. Whenever you hit the trade button, you will start earning from Bitcoin Hero. So, you can possibly earn 1000$ within 24 hours, however, it seems an over-inflated figure.

They have strategized the process in four seemingly simple steps, including account creation, depositing the capital to trade, indulging in demo trading and then moving to the live trading. To create the account, all you have to do is fill up the registration form displayed on their website. Once you have an account, Bitcoin Hero prompts you to make a deposit via Visa, MasterCard and/or Bitcoin. The deposits and withdrawal options are dependent on the brokers because they are the ones facilitating Bitcoin Hero transactions. You then move on to using the demo trading account where you would find all the features of “live trader”. According to Bitcoin Hero, you wouldn’t require advanced tech-skills to make profits through their services; then you move on to ‘live trading’. They claim to be generating $100 daily return. However, there are no details about how they get to make such lavish results possible!


Here are some facts and figures about Bitcoin Hero:

  • Founded in: 2009
  • Trading results: not verified
  • Strategy: not explained properly
  • Minimum amount to be deposited: 250$
  • Withdrawal for crypto (min): 5$ 
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

Trading Results

The trading results of the Bitcoin hero are unverified and the supportive data about this on their website is a dynamic trade-stream (it is hard to assess whether it is a sequence of images or just a random algorithm, however, it doesn’t seem to a guarantee of real-trade results at all).

Before making your decision, you may want to take a look at some similar platforms: Forex Fury, Templar Fund and Bitcoin Revolution.

Client Feedback

The company website displays few customer feedbacks that are positive and show profit ranging from $6000 (in a week) to $13461 (within 47 days). All these results seem a bit too exaggerated and hard to believe in the ever-changing and risky cryptocurrency environment.

Other than a few customer reviews, they also share screenshots of some WhatsApp message streams where their website is being recommended by potential users. However, once again there’s no way one can assess whether those conversations are real at all.


Bitcoin Hero seems to be a prospective service provider in the cryptocurrency marketplace and although they have claimed big, there is little evidence to substantiate their lofty claims. The company has kept all the background information hushed up and have revealed little to nothing about their founding members. Moreover, there’s nothing about the strategy through which they are allegedly making $6000 in profits in a weeks’ time. Their trade results also are not verified and must have ample proof to support their claims.

Have you been considering utilizing the services of Bitcoin Hero? Share your thoughts about this service provider, in the comments below.

~ Happy Trading!


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