Hitrez review: Ponzi scheme scam?


Hitrez is a crypto trading company that claims to offer its investors steady returns (unbelievable percentages) on a daily basis. It operates on active trading and arbitrage tools in the cryptocurrency market. If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you may never have heard about trading between cryptocurrencies before. However, many people are rushing towards investing in cryptocurrencies because they may have heard a rumor that it could make you rich. While this is partially true, it requires a thorough understanding of how the markets work and a lot of luck. Trading in cryptocurrencies is one of the riskiest investment options. Many companies have exploited the lack of knowledge that people have surrounding cryptocurrencies and Hitrez seems to be another in this league.

Hitrez is actually a verified company and it is registered in the UK. The registration number that can be used to verify the company is 12139471. In addition to this, they provide an email at: info@hitrez.com. However, the email has since seemed to be out of service. The same thing is the case with their website: www.hitrez.com. You can reach them at 28 Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD, UK, or you can contact this company at: +44 20 80897734. On the surface, it may seem as if the company is legitimate as it provides a lot of verified contact information. However, this is simply a way to cover up the scam. While the company is registered, they are not allowed to deal in financial services. This misinformation makes it seem like a scam from the beginning.

Hitrez Product Review

Hitrez claims to be a bitcoin trading platform. The website claims that it has an automated system that has a very small possibility of any error, which allows it to be profitable. They provide different plans with daily withdrawals. The basic plan allows you to earn profits of up to 5% daily.

This means that you can earn in three days what many banks would give you in a whole year. The premium plan allows you to achieve profits of 10% daily. This is literally impossible as there is no legitimate trading that can produce such results. Another eye-opener is that the business claims that you could invest with a minimum of 0.001 bitcoin. This means that can take your bitcoin investment without having it traced.


As with all such schemes, there seems to be no clear strategy for Hitrez. They claim that the platform can help you generate profits that could double or even triple your bitcoins in a single month. However, they do not specify exactly how they will do so as no successful company has used such a method. This is merely a way of getting people to invest in the scheme.

The closest strategy that this site has indicated that they use to make money is trading between different cryptocurrencies. While this can generate profits, it is highly risky and cannot give daily profits as the website claims. This is another indication that Hitrez is a complete scam as it cannot specify a single strategy to back up its claims.


  • Company: Hitrez
  • Product: Cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Minimum investment: 0.001 bitcoin
  • Trading results; Unverified
  • Strategy: Cryptocurrency trading
  • Customer feedback- Extremely negative

Trading Results

The Hitrez website claims that it could generate profits ranging from 5% daily to 10% daily. To a normal person, it might seem ok, but any seasoned investor would realize the impossibility of achieving such trading results. It appears that they back up their results for the first few payments and afterward disappear with your money. These trading results are unverified as well.

Client Feedback

There has been controversy surrounding Hitrez since it has come into the market. Many customers are calling it a fraud as it did not provide payments to many people. After the initial payments, the company seems to vanish and ignore the customers. Many customers gave it a one-star rating which is an indication of exactly how unpopular it is. The low rating also points towards the fact that it is a scam.


You should always be wary of investments that promise you such returns every day as they are usually scams. There is no way a legitimate company can help you reach such profits daily. Many great investment schemes will be amazed if you could have monthly returns in that range. In addition to this, the contact information does not work and they are operating illegally in the UK where they are not registered to deal in financial services.

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