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0 is relatively a new company that is offering many investment plans. The investment is in Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, and XRP. The investment can be started as low as 10$. The value of bitcoin is revealed to everyone daily due to its fame and increasing credibility day by day.

Cryptocurrency at a glance:

The business in bitcoin was started in January 2009 till then it has been 10 years now that people are investing, gaining and even losing their money. As it is proclaimed as digital money so there is no concrete presence seen for this type of money. Initially, it was not accepted by the community but slowly and steadily it is gaining people’s trust. It was originated in Japan but later it got spread in the whole global village. IMF has still not given it any weight but many advantages have made it famous among people If anyone transfers 500$ through fiat money or a traditional way of transferring the money it costs 50$ that is 10% to the original price. Whereas in cryptocurrency the transfer does not cost anything. On Facebook, the bitcoin platform says, ‘If my 20% drops scare you then you do not deserve my 600% rise’. I found it awakening because in business we do not expect any gain every time there is a risk factor everywhere. When It was originated the cost of one bitcoin was less than a one$ later on it gained its price exponentially. Poor people got riches from it so if you are too much cautious you should think twice while doing any investments. 

Valued Proclaims: a fresh and groomed market place to invest under extensive supervisions of lawmakers, finance experts, stock market heroes. They have registered place and can be reached easily. They have ensured the security of the money from every end. They have a detailed website that has touched every bit of intricacy for addressing maximum queries and concerns one could have. 

Legacy: is a flourishing company but it is still striving to gain the trust of people. People are not taking too much liberty to invest big amounts in this company. I have seen people investment lies between 10$ to 400$. The reason behind this issue could be their new footsteps in the market, although they are having a new startup despite the fact their approach does not seem amateur from any aspect. They have their workspace where anyone can visit. Their contact details are viable to anyone around. They have their office in the UK. They have fulfilled all criteria’s to be a registered and accepted company. They owe around 500 accounts which initially I feel a handsome number, the amount of around 35k $ is deposited in their accounts in the name of people’s investments. They have shown everything on their front page to gain reliability and credibility of people. 

Company’s Business Procedure and Approach:

The has 6 TPM plans under which it gives the investment plans from 1 day to 6 days. There are two more plans they have with them that are considered to be the VIP plans. The affiliate bonus they put is 20%. They have an open-investment platform, Strong DDOS protection, cybersecurity experts to secure the investments. Their FAQs are more detailed and can open one’s eyes before investing the money.


Here are a few of the competitors offering similar investment plans in cryptocurrency:


People have left many comments and their experiences about this investment platform. This platform could be safe or end to end encrypted but their withdraw time is more than expected time. Meanwhile, their procedures are comparatively slower but promising. What I suggest is to ask as many questions to the customer care representatives as possible to make things clear to you for future references. Do check cryptocurrency forums to ask for the latest experiences of different people who are unbiased and can tell you the inner story. 

I perceived people are less likely to recommend this site for investment due to their new platform, secondly, their services are bit slower. But people do invest in their business and they have many accounts means they have developed the credibility and fame among people. Very few reviews were founds for them and those are just about the late withdrawals. 


The cryptocurrency itself is very volatile and we cannot predict it’s accurate worth. In business, it is never expected to gain every time. The investments also require too much deep insight into the platform you are investing in. So please check many forums. Take one-to-one reviews too. Do call customer care representatives and if possible pay a visit to the company to make sure their actual presence. I do feel they must introduce a dummy account to show the complete working of their investment services. To show their complete agenda and procedure subtly. 

I like their website because it has tried its level best to comfort the customers. It is very much user-friendly and easy to access. 


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