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Finllo is an HYIP (high yield investment program) site that has surfaced online recently (around 30th Sept, 2019) and claims to provide excellent returns for investors. It is basically a site that guarantees a specific return on an initial investment. While there are many such investment companies, not many specialize online and most legitimate investment firms have a solid investment strategy. However, Finllo is one of the newer investment firms and caters specifically to online customers.

Finllo is basically an online company that deals with financial services. They are registered in the UK and have provided the registration details on their website. However, they have not provided any physical location, so we will assume that they operate online only. If You are looking to invest in this company, you should first consider whether the contact information can be verified or not.

Although the website is accessed at, it appears to be down, which means that they have changed their domain or they are experiencing technical issues. Alternatively, they can be contacted via email at Unfortunately, many customers have complained that they do not respond to emails. You could also try and contact them via phone at +44 (20) 8089 6807. Unfortunately, this has provided too little information for investors. If you are an investor, you should have the complete and verified contact details of the site where you are going to deposit your money.

Finllo Review

If you are an online investor, you should be aware that many such companies that operate online are quite questionable and you need to be cautious when considering doing business with. Moreover, all aspects of the company should be analyzed to determine whether it is legitimate or not. So, when we scrutinize Finllo, it is found that this company may not be a crypto investment scheme or forex broker site as they do not mention any of this on their site. However, they do mention that they operate online only, so they are probably dealing with online trading. This could include crypto trading or forex trading as well as arbitrage trading. However, they have not provided any specifications of exactly what they are dealing with.

Finllo is designed to provide investors with different investment plans. They are probably dealing in cryptocurrencies and forex trading, although they gear most of the sites focus towards the fixed returns on the investment plans. This site actually offers returns of 0.7% to 1% profits a day. This allows you to literally double your investment every 3 months. However, this is highly dubious as legitimate investments cannot guarantee such high returns.

To start using the platform, you will have to register an account on the site. Once you’ve completed registration, you will have to deposit a minimum of $20, depending on which plan you choose. There’s nothing else to do except for wait for the site to make you a profit. Can you imagine earning a profit for doing nothing?


The trading strategy of Finllo is based on online investments and a diverse portfolio. They claim to deal with cryptocurrencies, forex trading, and other online investments. However, they do not provide many details on how they are able to generate such high returns. It is clear that they have not provided any information on a competitive advantage that they might have, such as trading robots or advanced software. This could be highly confusing for investors as they would not like to invest without having a solid investment strategy. The other fault in their trading strategy is that cryptocurrencies and forex trading cannot provide the returns that the site has advertised.


  • Product: Online investment service
  • Location: UK
  • Minimum investment: $20
  • Trading strategy: Unclear
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

Finllo is a trading company that operates online. They have made some bold claims to be able to guarantee returns of up to 3% per day. This could double your investment in a month. However, they have not provided any external sources where this information could be verified from, so you are investing at your own risk. If they are dealing with Forex trading, they should provide actual trading details to prove their claims. The same thing can be done with cryptocurrencies.

Client Feedback

The best way to track the authenticity of any site is through customer feedback. The customer feedback of Finllo appears to be predominantly negative. Although some initial payments have been confirmed, they have also defaulted in many payments. Customers do not have any issue with the site apart from the fact that it is not paying them anymore. This supports the assumption that this site is not legitimate.


Finllo is basically an international investment site that claims to deal with forex trading and cryptocurrencies. They claim to be able to provide returns of up to 3% daily. However, the site appears to be down currently. They also have not provided any solid trading strategy and the customer feedback does not support their claims.

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