Fidelity Gain Review: Is it just another Scam?


Fidelity Gain positions itself as an investment and trading company in the cryptocurrency and binary options trade market. The company slogan states a self-proclamation of ‘creators of the future’, as they acknowledge cryptocurrency (specifically, Bitcoin) to be the leader in the financial market globally. The company enlists its threefold mission statement and sets a focused and aspirational tone. Their first mission statement is about stabilising earning from bitcoin exchanges (whether through trading or mining); the second mission is about coherent project development in order to lure in more investors and the last mission statement is all about promoting the usability of cryptocurrencies. 

They have two company websites, ( international/za/index.php# and They have a company registration certificate attached but upon reviewing the document you would find the registered company name happens to ‘VISUALHYIP LIMITED’. There is no information about this company or their developers. The website shares some information about the company, such as their support email ( and contact number (+19377192260). They also have social media links (facebook and instagram) mentioned on the website but neither work. 

Fidelity Gain Product Review

According to their company website, they claim to be amongst the few revolutionary contributors who are striving to promote cryptocurrency. According to their website they have been actively engaged in the process of cryptocurrency extraction and ensure maximal profits. However, it seems quite shady and unprofessional that they are not substantiating the claims about guaranteed profits with any evidence. Moreover, the company has an open call for potential investors to join their cause as they have mentioned that an exchange trade would make the profits a reality (which begs the question: aren’t they already making profits?). 

On their websites they have claimed to be a strong team comprising of economists, professional binary options traders, logistics and IT specialists; however, they have not revealed any information about the identity of their team members. In addition to the lack of information on their website, they don’t have a social media presence either. The company also claims to have achieved success in a short span of time but there is no proof of this “success”. 

Fidelity Gain Strategy

Fidelity Gain has a questionable online presence; with one of their websites they are offering investment services and with the other they promote themselves as a broker. They have claimed that they would allow trading currencies, cryptocurrencies and stocks with $500 being the minimum deposit (this sounds very questionable, given the limited identity information and no proof of credibility or profits). Their investment program offers three options with about 30% daily profit margin (talk about exaggeration!). With a 30% daily return, the monthly returns would be about 900%, which is way unrealistic when we are talking about binary industry. 

They don’t reveal their profit making strategy or exact details of how they would make such lofty profit for the investors. They have mentioned the MT4 Genesis and Autochartist as their trading tools that work by identifying patterns and conducting technical analysis to make everything simple for traders. As per the company website, the autochartist works by highlighting the trade opportunities that are based on the resistance levels, key support and new opportunity alerts. Their website does enlists a referral program, that is an offer very typical of various scam companies. There is definitely a strong need for adding more information about the strategy behind company trade-operations. 

Fidelity Gain Analysis

Below are some facts and figures about this company:

  • Located: 37 Tabernacle Street, London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: November, 2017
  • Promised profits: 10-15% daily
  • Strategy: Not explained properly
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Price: $500 to $100000

Trading Results for Fidelity Gain

There is no evidence of their lofty promises or claims as a leader in cryptocurrency market. The promised profit returns are also absolutely unrealistic and they provide no proof at all for the 30% daily profit! They have a profitability chart for 2019, revealing $ 32763.7 as an invested amount and $ 43413.91 as amount withdrawn. However, there is no proof for this graph; all it seems to be is an interactive line-graph.

The company registration license shows a different company name and there is no information about that at all. Furthermore, it appears that the allegedly registered company has long been dissolved. 

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Client Feedback

There are no feedback or reviews about Fidelity Gain and their social media profile links are also not working. In essence, the entire presence of this company relies on the two websites that share limited information.


With little to no information about the company owners and a seemingly expired or non-existent company license, Fidelity Gain raises a lot of suspicion. The very fact that this company promises excessive returns (900% in a month) and an initial investment starting from $500, makes this whole thing appear like a money scam gimmick. There are no details about the strategy, no proof of trading results and no client reviews about this company. If they are legit, the company needs to make tons of adjustments and alterations in their website to improve overall company profile. 

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