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Dynamic Trend Trader is allegedly one of the most powerful and efficient trading applications in the market (as far as the claim of manufacturers goes). It is supposed to offer indication and guidance to traders regarding the specific entry and exit points that may prove to be most profitable for the traders. People who navigate through Forex or binary trader market can appreciate the unpredictability of this segment and the usefulness of a truly efficient signaling system. According to the company, Dynamic trend trader has the possibility of operating in any market. However, this seems too good to be true. 
There is no mention of the developers or owners of the company that makes the whole thing appear quite a bit shady.

It is no surprise that the company’s history or its actual repute in the marketplace is hard to identify because they are nowhere to be found. The developers have kept their identities absolutely hidden for some reason. There is no contact information on the landing page at all. All we know about this company is the product landing page: https://dynamictrendtrader.com/. Upon a lot of research, we were able to find out the developers’ name “Jack Penturff”, his contact email, “jackson@proautomatedtrading.com” and phone number “347-674-7595”.

Dynamic Trend Trader Review

Dynamic Trend Trader has been positioned as one of the best trade signaling systems out there in the market, however, the product has several loose ends. The very first thing that raises a lot of suspicion and questions around the credibility of this product is its slogan that introduces this trading system as a trade signaling system that can be used in any market. Now, this is a slogan that goes above and beyond in idealistic assumptions. 

According to the product information, a dynamic trend trader is able to start a new trend (in the downward or upward direction) and is represented with a difference in color in the trend line. Moreover, this software also identifies the direction of a trend, selling or buying points, exit points that are dynamic in nature, etc. Frankly speaking, all of this seems too good to be true. 

Although the developer has presented this product as fully packed with features, the minimal price tag does raise an eyebrow. The company substantially lacks in the ‘professionalism’ because of no provision of customer support and no company identity-related information. 


Interestingly, the developer introduces Dynamic Trend Trader as a comprehensive trading method and indicator that (allegedly) has the power to operate in any market (Futures, Options, Stocks, Eminius, etc). The website of this product also refers to its ability to be able to function on any chart and symbol. This ability to work with any existing chart or symbol makes dynamic trend trader able to conduct business with longer-term or intra-day moves.

There are insufficient details about the employed strategy. Although the website does go on and on about all the features that this product holds, such as the ability to display different types of signals or indicators (stop-loss, entry, exit). Since binary options trade market is very dynamic, it is nothing short of a mystery that a simple signal indicator software would be able to manifest all of those things at the cost of a mere $97 (one-time payment). The product webpage shares no details about ‘how’ it makes all of this possible.


There is not much information about the company on the internet because of the shrouded identity of developers or company owners. 

  • Located: Not mentioned
  • Founded: Not specified
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Trial Version: Available (7 days trial)
  • Price: $97 (that is allegedly the discounted price; original price: $1495)

Trading Results

There are no trading results on the company website. Interestingly, the website shares a lot of charts and graphs showing market trends and significant patterns in price movements but there is no data to support their actual results.

The developer has offered ample information on “what is the product about? and its features, however, there is no data that would substantiate this claim.  We may discount the developer as a probable new entrant into the Forex trade market, however, relevant trading results cannot be looked at. Upon further research on Dynamic Trend Trader, you would realize that even the charts (displayed on their product landing page) are primarily based on various simulations and not actual user-data.

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Client Feedback

There are no customer reviews or any client feedback mentioned on the product landing page. However, upon researching Dynamic Trend Trader it was found to be advertised on https://tradestation.tradingappstore.com/products/DynamicTrendTrader, where the product has two reviews (rating it to be 3 out of 5). The overall consensus of those two customer reviews about Dynamic Trend Trader is that it is not worth the price or is an average software.


There are major gaps when it comes to available information about Dynamic Trend Trader and it is lacking in an established trading strategy as well. Moreover, almost nothing is known about the developer and there is no information about the developer or the company on the landing page of this product. Customer feedback is also scanty and that too less than average and belongs to a summative “fair” category with another tag of “not worth the price”. All of this raises a lot of question marks about the credibility and authenticity of this product. 

It is highly advised to be very cautious while making a purchase. We recommend that in case you are considering purchasing this application, before making payment you must try it out via the 7 days free trial that this product has. 

Have you purchased Dynamic Trend Trader? Or have used it via the trial version? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below. 

~ Happy & Safe trading!


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