Crypto Trixi- Can You Trust This?


Crypto Trixi is a web-based Forex online trading service that seemingly has an advanced market analyzer for the trading signals. The software they have is not supervised or regulated by any official bodies. They also claim that you can enjoy your profit regularly as they usually trade the finest signals with your connected brokers. However, their claims and information on their website do not correlate so well and leaves one wondering about a lot of things.

The company website is and they have shared a customer support email id Their website layout is pretty common and standard. They also appear to have a 24-hour online chat facility. 

Crypto Trixi Review

Crypto Trixi appears to be claiming high profitability within a few days to its prospective traders. However, there’s a dearth of proof and various required elements are missing that would have gone a long way in establishing trust with the prospective investors or their customers. What is quite unbelievable is that they are promising an extremely high profit, about 49% daily! And they are leaving their potential customers guessing on how that would be possible at all.

If an investor is getting 50% returns in one year, it becomes a dream come true for that person. Interestingly, Crypto Trixi claims to offer a 73.5% return in two weeks only which seems really impossible. On a daily basis, crypto Trixi promises a 49% profit from trading which is also not possible. Now, if there is truth to their claims they need to add ample evidence to support what they are promising to their potential customers.


Crypto Trixi also claims that their software is free and by using this you can make tons of money on autopilot. But in reality, when you sign up for their account, a trading account with an unregulated broker is formed on your behalf which is named as Globalix. In this way, they urge you to deposit money into the account to earn money. However, it all seems to be risky and that too without ample proof of the promised profitability or details of their strategy.


Here are some facts and figures about crypto Trixi…

  • Founded in: 2019.
  • Location: Not given
  • Company website.  
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Strategy: Not properly explained
  • Minimum amount to be deposited: 25$
  • Withdrawal for crypto(min): 5$ 
  • Minimum withdrawal time: 24 hours

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Trading Results

Another thing from which you have to be familiar is the trading results of crypto Trixi which are not verified and this definitely stirs a lot of suspicion and questions about their credibility. Whenever a company claims to be generating high yield profit margins or trading result then the promised profit margin must be substantiated by sufficient “proof” or evidence. However, in the case of Crypto Trixi, all of this “very required” data is largely missing. Their website has a “news” section, however, that is entirely unrelated to their niche because you would find news from general blogs to world-health-organization etc. However, the proof of “real trade” and real people making profits from Crypto Trixi are nowhere mentioned or made visible on their website.

They have displayed a graphical record of the possible trades or profits happening (biweekly log), however, there’s no way of assessing its credibility.

Client Feedback

When it comes to client feedback, it is quite impossible to locate much positive feedback about crypto Trixi on third party websites. Furthermore, Crypto Trixi website displays no testimonials or client comments at all. So, before investing money just ensure that you have acquired the right and most relevant information.


In short, Crypto Trixi seems to be questionable and largely missing establishing a rapport with their ideal customers because of the pertinent details that they are missing on their website, such as strategic information, details and proofs about trading and customer testimonials.

If you have had an experience with Crypto Trixi, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments below!

~ Happy Trading!


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