CC-Mart: Another Scam or Not? Should You Really Use It?


CC-Mart is a binary trading platform that allows you to trade in various cryptocurrencies through their site. It involves investing a certain amount of cryptocurrency and gaining profits by trading them for different coins. As with other binary trading options, it claims that you can hold a diversified portfolio as well as keep different investment options. However, all your profits and payments will be in bitcoin. This website works on the same principle as many other crypto robots. It can also be used for forex trading. However, there have been various suspicions that their claims are false and that the company actually causes a loss.

CC- mart is a company that claims to be registered in the US. According to the information posted on the website,, the company has an office in New York. They also have a 24/7 chat option for customers. Alternatively, you can contact them on the WhatsApp number posted on the website or the email address. ( This information seems to be legitimate and many similar online trading companies do not provide such information. However, they are a relatively new company and were only started in 2013. This makes it difficult to understand whether they are a scam or a legitimate trading company.

CC-Mart Trading Service Review

As with many other trading software and robots, CC-mart platform makes use of algorithms and analytics to help determine which investments are profitable. They do this by monitoring the market very closely through automated technologies and can then use your investment to trade for more profitable options. Users can deposit money into their bitcoin wallet and expect profits within a few minutes. According to the information provided by the website, they will act as a broker as well as a trading advisor. However, the loss of a trade will fall under the investor.


The CC- Mart service claims to be based on a legitimate system of regulated brokers. They have advanced software that can help monitor the changes in the market constantly and help trade your investment for more profitable coins. They claim that you can earn up to 100% profit in a few hours. However, such profit margins are unrealistic and see to be part of a scam as no realistic trading options can have such profit percentages.

Even in cryptocurrency, profitable coins cannot be predicted due to the nature of the market. Therefore, this trading service may only benefit you in the short term and you may lose all your investment further on. The company takes deposits in bitcoin which makes it more difficult to trace the payments afterward. This money is supposedly transferred through regulated brokers. However, this information cannot be verified.

Some of the other options are:


  • Company- CC-mart
  • Service- Binary trading software
  • Established- 2013
  • Location: New York
  • Strategy- This platform enables you to invest bitcoin that can be traded for other digital currencies such as cryptocurrency as well as forex.
  • Performance- Because the platform has not been around for very long, there have been mixed reviews regarding its performance. However many of the positive reviews seen to be fake and real customers have complained that their claims are exaggerated.

Trading Results

As with all trading platforms, CC-Mart uses its results as the main selling point of its products. The company claims that it has been operating in the market consistently for many years. Although they have been amongst the companies dealing in trading software who are more established, they have made various claims that cannot be verified. A profit of 100% in 60 seconds is impossible, let alone being realistic.

If this is the case, it will mean that you get 10x your investment in 10 minutes. This is the main indication that it is a scam. In addition to this, the testimonials cannot be verified as the images of the people provided on the website are not real. Thus, the trading results of this software have not been verified and are merely claims.

Customer Feedback

Despite their claim of being one of the ‘reputable’ trading platforms on the internet, there are very few customer reviews regarding the CC-Mart platform. Apart from many negative reviews, there is little indication that this software is legitimate.

The customer comments that are present on the website are unspecific and there are merely three comments! They do not give any indication of exactly what this platform did to boost their profits. In addition to this, these comments seem to be fake since they use very generic information and the customer images appear to be fake or stock photos.


CC-mart has claimed to be one of the most reliable investment platforms for online trading. They do their payments in bitcoin and can assure you safety in trading. They also claim to be regulated. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this site is a scam. Their unrealistic profit predictions are not possible and would simply cause a loss to the company if they were true. Therefore, you should stay away from such scams and look whether a broker is actually registered before dealing with them.


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