Canopy Trader: Is it a reliable service or another shady deal?


Canopy Trader is a site that allows users to trade in cannabis stocks without having to keep a constant watch on the markets. It provides users with automated software that indicates which stocks are positive and will generate automated responses regarding when you should buy or sell. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that cannabis stocks even exist as they have come recently in the market. This makes it a bright investment for investors that are looking for investments with a high return.

Canopy Trader has recently been registered online and had not been in operation prior to this. Therefore, it seems to be a purely online site, and they do not appear to have any physical address that can be traced for verification. The website was registered in 2019 so it is a relatively new site. However, they have not provided any real registration details, so there is no way to decide whether you are dealing with a legitimate site or not. They also do not provide any contact information, which is out of the ordinary for an investment company. A wise investor would think twice before making an investment in such a site that does not provide any contact details. The company’s website is They do not provide any phone number or physical address., so the only way to reach them is through However, before giving them your contact information, you should review various aspects of this site.

Canopy Trader Review

Canopy trader is a trading website that claims to deal with various cannabis stocks. They claim to have an automated system that can identify profitable trades in various cannabis stocks. Before beginning to trade on this site, you may have to create an account. They only ask for your email address and phone number to sign up, so creating an account on the site is free. However, you are required to deposit a minimum of $250 after which you can begin trading. It makes no sense that a site that offers such advanced services will allow you to trade for free. Although you will have signals that will indicate whether a certain trade is profitable or not, you will still have to communicate with a third party broker to transfer your money.

Canopy trader is similar to other cannabis investment sites that have taken the process of cannibals trading online. They claim to be different from other sites and the best thing is that the site is free to use. Apart from the initial investment, you do not have to pay for using the site. However, don’t jump into this site just yet as there are many aspects about it that are hidden from the public eye. A good investor should analyze all these aspects in detail before deciding on whether it is legitimate or not.


The trading strategy of Canopy Trader is quite unique as they claim to deal with cannabis stocks. It is true that by focusing specifically on a certain stock, a company can gain expertise in this field. However, this does not guarantee a consistent return and the company claims that you could become rich overnight through this. However, they have not provided any information as to how they plan on achieving this success rate in their trades. Even if you actually make a profit through this site, there is no certain way of knowing whether you will be able to withdraw it or not as the company does not provide any details on their brokers.


  • Company: Canopy Trader
  • Product: Cannabis trading
  • Location: Not available
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Strategy: Cannabis trading
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed

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Trading Results

The trading results of Canopy Trader appear to be good enough at first glance, as they have included a trading bulletin on their website. However, anyone can make a summary of supposed trading results. Canopy trader has not provided any third-party verification of these results so there is no way of knowing whether they are authentic or not. Besides, even cannabis stocks cannot provide the returns that the site claims to offer so you should be cautious when investing in this site.

Client Feedback

As the Canopy Trader is relatively new, there is not much customer feedback that can be obtained on this service. However, the few available customer reviews indicate that this service might not be as rosy as it seems. Customers are paired with a dubious third-party broker and many of these brokers are known to do fraud. Even though the site may show profits, users will be informed that they have lost it via trading.


While the concept of Canopy Trader is quite unique, they have not provided enough details about the authenticity of the service. Not only does the company withholds important information but it also appears to pair users with allegedly unregulated brokers. Besides, they do not seem to have a solid strategy or any results that can be verified to prove the site’s legitimacy.

Have you been considering to do business with this company? Or do you want to share your opinion about Canopy Traders with us? We are all ears, so share away in the comments section below.

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