BTrade Signal Pro Review (Crypto Signals)


Btrade Signal Pro is claims to be one of the most top rated and professional services in the cryptocurrency market. In simple terms this software operates by generating several live signals that seem quite accurate and enables the traders to act on those signals in a real-time scenario. The software developers claim it to be simple to understand and very efficient in bringing results. Moreover, the program is very easy and does not require any prior training or experience.

Although Btrade Signal-Pro makes a lot of claims on authenticity and professionalism, but the fact that there is hardly any information available on the owners or developers of the program, is not a good sign. The only piece of contact information on the product website ( is the support email id:

Btrade Signal Pro Review

Btrade Signal Pro seems to be a dream with all the professional live signal feeds and the fact that it is FREE to create an account. The software has been designed for trading Crypto and Forex, both. Moreover, one of the nice features is that it enables the traders to exercise a lot of freedom and choice while trading, which seems like a big bonus.

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One of the great aspects about Btrade Signal Pro is that it comes teamed up with some of the most reliable brokers. There are various interpretations about credibility and authenticity of Btrade Signal-Pro; however, upon researching about Btrade Signal Pro, one would find out that they have quite reliable brokers associated with them, such as FXVC. And, FXVC happens to be CySec licensed EU broker and is also certified to offer ancillary service for those traders who are interested in buying or selling contracts. All of this means that the trader and his money are both taken care of and are safe. The servers also happen to be PCI compliant, meaning that whatever information you entrust to them would be kept safely stored in a third-party storage facility. Moreover, the only one able to get hold of this securely kept data would be a compliance officer or an ombudsman.

As a trader, the software lets you select a broker from several available brokers in the list (another plus!). Furthermore, traders can also engage with several brokers at a time and this feature alone makes the product very enticing for the day traders. The best aspect about the brokers that this software offers is that they are all regulated, legit and licensed brokers.

The next worth mentioning feature of Btrade Signal Pro is the Tradingview Widget and if you know about crypto and Forex, you would appreciate that this program offers tradingview widget. This widget is an undisputed best resource for day traders and comes in handy whether you are concerned with stocks, crypto or Forex. The widget enables you to view news and press releases and it is highly useful for traders because news/press release impact market price and direction drastically.  With the help of this widget you can also access Forex and crypto scanners for free and through this you can spot the best pairing for the day to make trade with. So, the mere availability of this widget in the Btrade Signal-Pro software is a big advantage for prospective traders.

On the other hand, the developers have left quite a few gaps in advertising and properly authenticating this product. One of the biggest gaps would be the missing owner information that puts a question mark on the transparency of the owning company or developers. The only thing we can gather from the website was that Btrade Signal Pro was developed by a professional team of Forex analysts and traders.

Also, the customer reviews have been a talk of the trade market to be quite controversial on whether they are legit. If you visit the website of Btrade Signal Pro, you would find that they display a live trade ticker that is showing trade in real-time; however, if you pay close attention you would notice that the ticker only displays profits. Now the developers may have blocked losses from being displayed but the feed would seem more real if it were showing some losses happening as well. Because a 100% profitable hit happening repeatedly is quite hard to believe.


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Btrade Signal Pro Strategy

When it comes to strategy of the product, the website doesn’t do a good job in providing ample information and leaves a lot of room to assumptions. However, one of the nice things about Btrade Signal Pro is the ability to automate the trading and generate quite strong signals. Apparently, the program is employing a sophisticated algorithm to locate best crypto and Forex signals for trade options. The developers claim to have tested the initial prototype of Btrade Signal Pro through multiple strategies and developed it over time into the ultimate winning formula to success in the forex/crypto trade market through securing profits and preventing loss.

Btrade Signal Pro Analysis

  • Founded: 2019
  • Developer Info: Missing
  • Strategy: Automated trade signal generator
  • Price: Free to register (with initial deposits ranging from, €250-€500)
  • Brokers: Verified

Btrade Signal Pro Trading Results

As far as the trading results go, the vendors really offers little transparency through a ticker that is showing an overly profitable feed. Other than that, there isn’t much information about the results on the website. Upon researching about Btrade Signal Pro and the results it would bring for your trade decisions, you would find that the program checks out satisfactorily and users report gaining profits (not excessively high but reasonable amount). For instance, one of the users mentioned investing an amount of €500 and gaining about €1,120 within a week. However, there are contrasting results as well and it would be good to stay cautious while using the software. Although it doesn’t out rightly screams ‘scam’ yet it is very evident that Btrade Signal Pro doesn’t seem to be a completely automated system because the end decisions are to be executed by the traders themselves.

Client Feedback about Btrade Signal Pro

The developers display few comments on their website, that are screenshots of some customer feedback emails. Although, the comments show an overly positive side of Btrade Signal Pro, it doesn’t strike to be very convincing. However, when you search around and read up reviews about Btrade Signal Pro, you would find a lot of controversial and contrasting viewpoints with some overly positive and others too negative. There was one reviewer who gave an average rating to this software and mentioned that although the developers advertise it as an automated trading platform, it really is a semi-automated software because once the program locates signals the trading decision has to be made by traders themselves.


Btrade Signal Pro has been promoted as one of the most advanced and professional software out there in the market that generates automotive live signals that are then executed on their professional trading platform. The website claims that the software has been created by some of the industry pros and that it has been repeatedly tested employing various strategies and has evolved to a sophisticated system (in its present form) thus claiming it to be the most reliable ‘winning formula’ in trade market.

All of this seems a bit too hyped up, since, the customer or client feedback around the cyberworld remains quite ambivalent as well. However, the system does checks out as scam-free but not the surefire way or software to earn big profits (or ‘only’ profits). It could be given a provisional recommendation or a 5 out of 10 score, since it doesn’t seem to be a scam but does raise a lot of questions. The developers must fill in the missing information and bring in more transparency in terms of strategic function and user comments, as well as, the details of owners.

In the comments below, share with us if you have had a chance to use Btrade Signal Pro and how has your experience been?

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    I have been reading your review on BTradeSignalPro.I am considering joining the sofware but what I don’t understand is you execute trades manually by clicking on the trade button but how many trades can you execute with a deposit of $250 and do you need to close the trades or does the software closes them automatically.
    Thank you.
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