Bitcoin Wealth Review(


Bitcoin Wealth is one of the most popular automated trading bots in the cryptocurrency market today. The bot claims to be the 2019 most user-friendly Bitcoin Currency Profits System. Max Carney a self-proclaimed millionaire and crypto investor is the founder of the bot. Carney is also the founder of Crypto Wealth a cryptocurrency trading bot. As such, Carney states that most of the profits strategies used in Bitcoin Wealth are borrowed from Crypto Wealth. In this article, we will dig further into the bot to look at its feature and shortcomings.

Bitcoin Wealth Review

To start, according to the bot’s website, Bitcoin wealth software is based on a Blockchain Revolutionary Technology and Artificial Intelligence. It is through this high-tech innovation that the bot is able to provide highly profitable trading signals.

The cryptocurrency robot uses advanced technology to study and analyze the financial markets as well as pinpoint profitable trading signals. The bot then places a trade on behalf of the trader using the trade signals. Bitcoin Wealth claims to maximize potential profit and minimize loses using the auto-piloted trading system.

In addition, the bot speaks highly of its user-friendly trading interface. As such, both amateurs and professionals can easily navigate the bot and make profits. Eventually, this attracts many traders leading to high trade volumes and high profits.


Bitcoin Wealth is web-based but still has a mobile app to trade. The mobile app is available on Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPhone. As such, the bot creates convenience for use since you can trade anywhere and at any time.

In addition, the bot trades in a wide range of cryptocurrencies including, Bitcoin, Neo and Ethereum. As such, you have the benefit of trading in more than one cryptocurrency concurrently. This explains the high rate success rate of 88% that the bot. In fact, Bitcoin Wealth guarantees up to $1300 profits on a daily basis.


There are many competitors, all spewing the same story:


The bot allows payment through Visa Card, MasterCard, Maestro, China Pay, and Wire transfer. All these methods are secured and verified. Therefore, you remain guaranteed that your funds are safe.

Other than that, the trading bot is free and there are no commissions for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit allowed is $250, which is quite affordable giving a fair chance to anyone who wants to invest.


Bitcoin Wealth takes pride in dealing with only legitimate brokers. Therefore, you do not have to wry about the safety of your investments. In addition, the bot’s software is SSL secured enhancing the security of your information. As such, your personal data is secure from third parties. Overall, you do not have to worry about the security of your funds and information while trading with Bitcoin Wealth.


Bitcoin Wealth displays high levels of transparency on its website. First, the bot recommends that you should monitor your account and withdraw your profits regularly to avoid loses. In addition, the crypto trading software warns that a potential trader should start trading with the minimum deposit amount to minimize risks


Testimonials of successful trades always indicate that the trading bot actually exists and is truly profitable. Bitcoin Wealth has amassed a number of testimonials, from successful trades with newbies to recommendations of the bots customer services.


On the other side, Bitcoin Wealth has its shortcomings. First, the bot boast of 100% accuracy in its trade execution. This is an exaggeration to attract investors since the bot still makes loses. As such, this puts off potential traders unlike attainable accuracy rates offered by other bots.

Second, according to our investigation, some of the testimonials on the website are actually fake. The traders do not exist and hence this is another marketing strategy. This creates a need for alarm since the bot raises questions on its trustworthy nature

Thirdly, there are complains that the bot has a limited option of payment systems. As such, potential traders who have other payment systems from the ones named above cannot invest with the bot

So Should I Invest in Bitcoin Wealth?

Well, the choice to invest in a bot is solely dependent on the trader. However, we give insight on how to identify a good trading bot before investing as done above. Bitcoin Wealth has good features to maximize profit. However, the bot has a number of red flags that we cannot assume. Therefore, the only way to find out if the bot is actually reliable is to trade. Therefore, place your trade using the minimum deposit account to see the outcome. All the best!

In summary, trading Forex, CFDs, Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies are highly profitable and equally very risky. Therefore, you should only trade in what you can afford to lose.


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