Bitcoin Trader Review 2019


Bitcoin Trader is automatic trading software that claims to focus on finding trading opportunities in the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets. The trading software boasts of making its members richer and promoting them to be millionaires. According to its website, two college students, Jeff and Mike are the founders of Bitcoin Trader. The two students were looking for an extra income source to survive in school when they decided to create the software.

As such, the platform promises a user-friendly software that makes trading in crypto easy and highly profitable. This article will review some of the highlight features of Bitcoin Trader to evaluate if it is a legit crypto bot or a fraud.

Bitcoin Trader Review

To start, Bitcoin Trader is 100% automated, as it buys and sells bitcoin automatically. In fact, the software boast of putting together, the most advanced technologies and algorithms to enhance your automated trading experience. Automated trading saves you the hustle of studying market trends to place trades. Using the automated feature, the bot claims to not only automatically place trades but also search the market’s statistics and place trades accordingly.  

In addition, automated trading reduces the time used on the platform. In fact, Bitcoin Trader, promises its potential investors to use a maximum of 20 minutes while trading. Nevertheless, the short time does not compromise the high profits generated owing to the exceptional accuracy of the bot

However, if you want to have full control of your account, the bot offers manual trading. Iff you are a newbie in the crypto market trading, I highly recommend the automated accounts for a start as you learn the does and dont’s of the industry. Other popular cryptocurrency robots include Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Profit.

So how does the automated trading work?

The word automated may seem complex and scary, but the process of trading with this feature is quite easy and almost effortless.

The first step is to create an account followed by placing your deposits and finally trading. However, before auto trading, you are required to change some of the trading settings. These include the maximum amount you want to trade per day and the amount of profit you want to make per day among others. Therefore, the software trades within your specifications. As such, you have control of your account even in your absence, displaying transparency, which proves it is legit.

Faster Trading Rates

Bitcoin Trader claim to connect automatically to the Virtual Private Servers, which ensure that the signals are executed in real-time. The bot is fast in its execution since the automatic trading is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. Similarly, time wasted during emotions of fear and uncertainty associated with human trading is avoided. The result is a fast-moving financial market, which places traders at a higher advantage compared to traders using other slower software.

Demo Account

The Bitcoin Traders’ demo account had been resourceful especially to beginners. With the demo account, the bot allows you to interact with trading tools and opportunities without having to invest in real cash. After acquiring skills with the demo account, you can no invest in real money on the live account. With this feature, the bot proves to be dedicated to not only profiting itself but also benefiting the customers first.

Laser Accurate Performance

The crypto software boasts of up to 99.4% accuracy in its trading experience. To narrow down, the software guarantees $1300 pure profits on a daily basis. However, the trading platform is clear that this rate mostly favours the gurus but also the amateurs accumulate a significant profit. With such high confidence in its accuracy rates, the software proves to be legitimate. Besides, high profits mean high trade volumes, and people only trade in legit bots

None of the results are proven or verified by a third party.


First, all transactions made in Bitcoin Trader are commission-free. Moreover, the bot itself is free.

Secondly, the minimum amount allowed for deposit is $250. This minimum amount ensures that your risk rate is minimal and no matter your financial muscle, you can easily invest in the bot.

Finally yet importantly, withdrawals are processed within less than 24 hours. In addition, all payments are through verified means. This enhances the security feature of the crypto trading software.


Bitcoin Trader has amassed a number of awards in its years of operation. This shows that the bot is quite popular for its excellence. The recent award was being #1 in the category of software trading for the USA Trading Association. Therefore, this shows that the bot is indeed legitimate and trustworthy

These awards are not proven or verified.


The bot has continued to build a good reputation through its testimonials. Many people have come out to explain their successful trading performance with Bitcoin Trader. All this is proof that the bot truly works and is living up to its promises.


So is Bitcoin Trader Legit or a swindle? Putting into consideration all the above-discussed features, the bot is still on the fence. In addition, other features such as association with legitimate brokers and diversity in cryptocurrencies traded enhance the suitability of the software.

In summary, even as different bots promise large profits, keep in mind that the crypto market is highly versatile and can be affected by a number of factors. As such, always invest in what you can afford to lose and don’t forget crypto trading is always a risk


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