Bitcoin Rush Review (Scam?)


BitcoinRush is an automated trading bot that is able to identify trading opportunities and place trades automatically. The bot was founded in 2013 and has since risen to fame owing to its high levels of accuracy that is 99.5%. In fact, the bot guarantees up to $1500 daily profit once you invest. The following are some of its prominent features.

The crypto market industry has continued to be popular due to its lucrative nature. With the introduction of auto-piloted trades, trading has become easier and stories of successful trading increased. However, the ease of trading has come with its shortcomings like the mushrooming of fraudulent bots. Currently, it is equally easier for these frauds to swindle you off your hard-earned cash. That is why in this article, we will review one of the bots and determine if it is a legitimate software or a fraud.

Bitcoin Rush Review

To start, the trading software boast of investing in complex algorithms that perform fundamental and technical analysis to place profitable trades. Fundamental analysis focuses on qualitative data such as major economic news while technical analysis looks into quantitative data such as price charts for assets. With these two functions, the algorithms are able to scan the market for trading signals and place trades accordingly.

Moreover, automated trade is very resourceful especially to newbies who do not have the skills to trade. Similarly, with this feature, you do not have to be on your desktop to make profits.


With BitcoinRush, the security of your information and funds remains secure throughout the period of contract.

Firstly, BitcoinRush website is SSL secured which means that your information is secure from unauthorized access. In addition, the cryptocurrency bot has several antivirus endorsements including MacAfee and Norton, which guarantee you that your information is safe.

Secondly, the bot claims that it trades with legitimate brokers only. Other than that, BitGo, a digital asset trust company and security company, secures BitcoinRush. The enhanced security feature is proof that the bot is indeed legitimate.


Primarily, there are no commissions charged on any transactions. Profits made are 100% withdrawn. The bot prides itself with using verified payment options such as MasterCard Visa Card and Skrill. This enhances the security feature of traders’ funds.

The minimum amount of deposit to invest is $250, which allows a number of potential traders to invest since it is affordable. If you are looking to begin investing, I highly recommend you start with $250 to minimize your risks.

Finally yet importantly, withdrawals are done within 24 hours unlike other bots, which may take up to 2 days. Therefore, with this favorable payment feature, BitcoinRush displays its concern for your financial muscle, unlike other bots that want to exploit you.

Demo Account

The crypto trading software has a demo account where you learn how to trade before using the live account. However, to access the demo account, you have to deposit a minimum amount of $250. As such, this feature raises the unnecessary red flags of potential fraud. That said, the bot is legitimate regardless of its setback.

User-Friendly Software

BitcoinRush claims to have a user-friendly software that both amateurs and gurus can use. In addition, the software offers educational materials and trading tools to help you navigate through it. As such, this is proof that the bot is not only interested in making profits but also in enhancing your skills. This is much like their competitors, Bitcoin Future and Bitcoin Evolution.


BitcoinRush has displayed a high level of transparency in its trade. Firstly, the bot clearly states, that for the demo account, you need to have a deposit. Secondly, the bot warns against leaving the automated trade to work overnight to avoid loses due to the versatile nature of the market. This proves that the bot has a concern for its traders’ money. Moreover, it clears doubts about the demo account and traders are fully aware of the terms of trade. Transparency is associated with legit bots such as BitcoinRush.

bitcoin rush replica


The bot is browser supported. As such, there is no need to download it and you can trade on your phone and desktop. This creates the convenience of use since you can trade anytime and anywhere.

Customer Service

BitcoinRush has consistently built a good reputation with its topnotch customer services.

To start, the trading software takes pride in its team of trading experts who work 24/7 to answer your question and attend to your needs. The email list of the bot is available at any hour of the day. In addition, the bot has a live chat and live test show to ensure that everybody is attended to.


The bot has earned a number of endorsements seen from the many stories of successful trading. According to the testimonials, most traders are pleased with its high profitability and consistency.

Final Verdict

Putting into consideration the above-discussed features, BitcoinRush has proved to be legitimate crypto trading software. As such, whether you are a beginner or a guru at crypto trading, the bot serves your needs to satisfaction.

In summary, choosing a liable bot can be quite a task given the number if available bots currently. However, looking at a bots feature can help you narrow down to one good one. I hope this article is resourceful in helping you choose a crypto trading software.


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