Bitcoin Machine Review: Is it the Real Deal?


The Bitcoin machine is another new player in the series of market manipulators who claim to be leaders in Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin trading is one of the most unreliable investments in terms of financial security. However, there are also huge potential profits that can be made through trading cryptocurrencies. This is why many people try and go ahead in terms of the technology that can assist them with trading bitcoins for a profit. The Bitcoin machine is such a platform that allows customers to trade in different cryptocurrencies through automated software that guarantees a high profit margin. However, there are many indications that this is a scam.

The Bitcoin machine seems to be linked to many other scams that were previously attached to the same industry. The developers of this software have no previous history in the bitcoin industry, let alone the software development industry. The website does not provide any contact numbers, legal addresses or other legal information that can be used to determine the authenticity of the company. The only place where this program exists is online through their website.

Bitcoin Machine Review

The Bitcoin Machine is basically a software that promises to deliver an unrealistic return on investment with almost perfect accuracy. They claim that this can be done through the accuracy of their systems and cutting edge software. However, this would be almost impossible as software cannot monitor changing markets with such accuracy, mainly due to the human component involved.

In addition to this, the website claims that the software does not carry any cost apart from the $250 that you have to pay to start trading. However, while they do mention that there will not be broker fees, this information is false as many users have been scammed by 3rd party brokers. In essence, the software claims that it can provide a guaranteed way to get rich quickly, which is unreal and impossible.


As most people would recognize through previous versions of such trading software, there are no logical methods that could guarantee a 99% success ration in trading. The website claims that their software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, which literally makes no sense. It is implying that the machine can ‘see’ into the future.

Moreover, they do not charge any registration fee or charge anything for the software. Why would they be willing to do business for a loss? The catch comes in the amount that you have to invest in the initial trading procedure, which is more than $250. This is where you can get scammed. Bitcoin Machine will refer you to an unregistered broker who would take your money and disappear. It is very difficult to track cryptocurrencies once they have been sold.


  • Product: Bitcoin Machine
  • Company: Tomorrow crypto
  • History: None
  • Date founded: unknown
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Initial deposit: $250

Trading Results

The Bitcoin Machine can supposedly trade with an accuracy of 99%. They claim that you can become a millionaire in less than a month. However, this cannot be verified from any of their customers. Many customers have reported the exact opposite. People who have invested in this software have experienced negative results rather than receiving profits. It is also improbable that a software that is available free of charge can deliver such results. These promises are the first signs that the Bitcoin Machine is a scam. In addition to this, the supposed trading results cannot be verified from any external source.

Client Feedback

Client feedback regarding the Bitcoin Machine is mostly negative. Most of the reputable review sites have shown the unpopularity surrounding the site. In addition to this, many clients posted direct feedback to indicate how they had been scammed by this site.

Most of the client’s feedback shows that the site users brokers to be scammers. One user commented: “I invested €500 as my broker Hunter Ziegler advised me and eventually it climbed to €1,700. When I tried cashing out they told me I need to add €800 for local VAT otherwise my account will be closed. I’m very frustrated and angry about all of this.” This shows that even after scamming the initial amount that the customer invested, the brokers tried to take even more cash from the unsuspecting customer. So, overall, the customer reviews point towards the fact that the Bitcoin Machine is a scam.


Bitcoin trading has become synonymous with scams nowadays and the bitcoin machine is no different. Customers who have fallen trap to this scam have opened up the whole scheme. It promises high levels of returns with unmatched accuracy. This would be impossible in real markets. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market is very unstable, so promising a positive return is impossible. You should always try to stay away from such scams and focus on investing through registered brokers.

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