Bitcoin Loophole Review 2019


Bitcoin loophole is a crypto trading software that trades in digital currencies including bitcoins. In recent days, the popularity of Bitcoin Robots has spread everywhere. As such, several crypto bots have emerged claiming to help people generate huge profits. However, with the increased number of cryptocurrency trading platforms, the number of fraudulent bots has also increased. Therefore, it is important to select a trustworthy trading platform and take note of any red flag for potential scammers. Note that Bitcoin Loophole is not a confirmed scam at this time. This article will highlight some of the features and why it some believe it to be a legitimate crypto trading software.

Bitcoin Loophole Review

The trading software claims to help people buy and sell bitcoins at the right time with a guarantee of up to 88% win. Also known as Bitcoin Secret Loophole, the bot was developed and is owned by Steve McKay a well-known currency Investor. You can reach them on email address for any inquiries.

Dual Benefits

To start, Bitcoin Loophole offers both automated trading and manual trading. It is one of the features that make the software stand out in the market. With automated trading, the software is fitted with accurate algorithms that predict market trends in the crypto market and place trades correctly. Bitcoin Loophole boast of investing in the best robot algorithm that is able to perform a thousand trades per minute, which mostly result in profits. As such, automated trading removes the delay associated with emotional thinking while trading manually. This is mostly because the robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. Therefore, with automated trading, your daily routine remains uninterrupted and you continue to make profits.

However, if you wish to have full control of your trading strategies and actions, Bitcoin Loophole offers the manual trading option. As such, all customers’ needs are well attended to, proving that the trading software is dedicated to offering customer satisfaction. On that note, I highly recommend automated trading for the newbies in the industry and later you can opt for the manual trading after acquiring vital skills to run your account.

Demo Account

If you are a beginner at the crypto market, here is some good news. A demo account will sort you out. This account offers you virtual money to trade and helps you build on your trading skills before investing with real cash. Bitcoin Loophole has ensured that your risks are totally minimized by offering a free demo account. As such, the bot proves to have the best interest of its customer at heart an indication that it is legit trading software

User-Friendly Software

Bitcoin Loophole claims to have user-friendly software. As such, both gurus and amateurs in the industry can easily navigate through the software. The software is fitted with pie charts and educational trading tools to help you understand the market better. Similarly, Bitcoin Loophole offers 24/7 customer support service for customers. Other than that, the software is supported on different platforms including mobile phones, and desktops. That is to say, you are able to keep track of your trading progress even while on the move, enhancing both convenience and flexibility of trading


Firstly, the minimum amount allowed for deposit is $250 a proof that Bitcoin Loophole is not reserved for the rich. In fact, it gives equal opportunities for people to invest through its minimum deposit amount.

Secondly, withdrawals are processed within less than 24 hours. As such, the software does not intend to keep your money after trading, unlike most scammers.

Other than that, since buying bitcoins can cost a dime, Bitcoin Loophole allows one to trade by predicting the movement and price changes of bitcoins. As such, you are able to make money without necessarily having bitcoins. In addition, the software allows you trade in a wide range of cryptocurrencies ensuring that no willing trader is left out.

Lastly, all payments are commission-free. That is both withdrawals and deposits.

Trading Volumes

Bitcoin Loophole has among the highest rates of trading signals in a day. As such, the software attracts many investors who result in a vicious circle of profit generation. These translate to a high trade volume, which is associated with legitimate crypto trading platforms. In fact, the software guarantees clients up to $1300 return profit on a daily basis which seems ridiculous. However, they point out that this rate is mostly for professional but even newbies are able to accumulate good promising revenue. With this, Bitcoin Loophole does not display high levels of transparency in their operation.

Recent News

The Singapore Government have released a “Warning on fraudulent website soliciting bitcoin investments.” The article goes into detail about how the website is using fabricated comments.

This is obviously concerning.


To start, this review is based on our investigation as well as readers’ opinion. With all its prominent features discussed above, Bitcoin Loophole is really on the fence. There have been several testimonials of how the crypto trading software has worked for individuals and transformed lives, but we aren’t sure of their legitimacy.

In summary, if you have been looking for crypto market software to invest in, Bitcoin Loophole seems interesting. However, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market involves many risks. Therefore, you should only trade in what you can afford to lose. All the best!

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