Bitcoin Gemini: Can You Trust This?


Bitcoin Gemini offers cryptocurrency trading robots to customers in exchange for using their platform. Basically, they claim that they are offering you cutting edge technology for free. However, before making up your decision about whether or not to believe this, you must get to know all the important facts about Bitcoin Gemini.

Bitcoin Gemini is a site that was apparently created recently and they have little credible information about the company itself. Whenever you review a certain service you should have all their contact information to prevent getting scammed.

The Bitcoin Gemini website can be found at

Computer Geeks (as well as a layperson) would recognize that a legitimate service usually does not have such a long URL. They can only be contacted via their contact-form (embedded on-site) and no other email address or contact details have been shared. Doesn’t it seem strange that a system that claims to be so successful can have so little contact information? The very fact that the only way to contact them is by sending a query through the form on their website, makes one question how reliable the service providers really are. You should probably think twice before trusting such a site with your money.

Bitcoin Gemini Review

Bitcoin Gemini is basically a platform that provides automated trading services to people who are looking to invest in bitcoin. The best thing about cryptocurrency trading is that it is virtual so you can trade from the comfort of your home. However, the catch is that most people do not know how to trade in cryptocurrency. For this, many companies have created platforms to attract such investors and claim that they can make thousands of dollars in profits by using their unique trading technology. However, the majority of such sites happen to be nothing but scams and Bitcoin Gemini seems quite anonymous and secretive to be taken at face value.

The Bitcoin Gemini site claims that you can generate profits by simply investing a certain amount and letting the trading robot create profits for you. As with all such investments, there is no guarantee that you do not get loses through this platform. There is certainly no sure way of finding out as the site is not transparent and does not disclose exactly how their trading bot works. The funny thing is that they claim that the trading robot uses AI technology, which is quite rare and must be highly developed to get accuracy levels of more than 90% in the cryptocurrency market. You should definitely not confuse the name with the regulated Gemini trading platform as they are two completely different things.


When analyzing the site, we looked hard for any specific strategy that the site uses as its strong point. However, they do not provide much specific information. Despite their lavish claims, it seems a bit off to see no details about specific and focused strategic information. All they claim is help you make huge profits at trading cryptocurrency by utilizing their cutting edge trading bots. However, any crypto trader would understand that this is not sufficient information to convince a potential investor when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Moreover, one can’t simply rely on the trading bots algorithms because the market fluctuations must be mediated by an active trader who takes timely decisions. As you can make a profit if you buy crypto and sell it for higher, you should also be wary of losses. All in all, trading without a strategy is like gambling and is bound to fail in the long run. If Bitcoin Gemini does have a specific strategy, they certainly do not make it public.


  • Product: Automated trading robot
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Guaranteed returns: No
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Trading results: unverified
  • Promised Minimum: $1,111.36 daily (no proof provided)

Trading Results

The trading results of Bitcoin Gemini are quite interesting. While normal traders can average a success rate of about 40-60%, this app claims that it has success rates in over 90% of the trades. To achieve trading results of above 90%, a robot will need to have prior knowledge of what’s going to happen in the future. We all know that this is impossible and cannot be backed by any real proof. The website has a ticker showing alleged “LIVE” profit results, however, the credibility of these results cannot be verified. Moreover, the figures also appear to be hard to believe. Other than this there are no further proofs for the trades happening or the promised profit margins.

Though none of these results are verified, so they have to be taken with a grain of salt. The same can be said of Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Revolution.

Client Feedback

Bitcoin Gemini does have a few very positive reviews that not only highlight all the great aspects of this company but also share a handsome profit figure. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Gemini cannot live up to its claims as we couldn’t locate much of the positive chatter elsewhere. Customers complain that their accounts were frozen once they started making a profit.


Bitcoin Gemini has a lot of much required and pertinent information missing from their website. They have a very basic web-page, with a web-form associated with it so people may share their queries, however, they have not provided any other mode of communication with their potential customers. In short, there is very little known about the company, its founders, the exact operational strategy and any evidence for the promised profits.

Have you had any experience with bitcoin Gemini so far? Or are you thinking about giving this company a try? We would love to be all ears to your thoughts, so share in the comments below!


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