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This article will look into the Bitcoin Evolution features to help you determine if it is worth your investment.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular auto trading bot in the crypto market. The bot boasts of being the world’s first decentralized digital currency trader that allows you to manage your finances and trade freely. The crypto software claims of investing in sophisticated algorithms that analyze market trends and pinpoint trading signals placing profitable trades accordingly. As such, the bot claims a 99.4% accuracy rate.

Bitcoin Evolution Review

To start, the Bitcoin Evolution bot has two major trading strategies that enable it to have an 80% win rate and high accuracy levels.

The analytical strategy utilizes the complex algorithms that analyze financial market information and trends to pinpoint potentially profitable trends. As such, the trader does not need to have knowledge of financial markets to trade. The bot does all the work for you.

After identifying potential trading signals, the cryptocurrency bot transfers the signals to the trader in real-time ensuring that he or she does not lose any trading opportunity. In return, these open up traders to concurrent trading which results in high trade volumes with Bitcoin Evolution


The second strategy is the auto-piloted trading. The identified trade signals are then used to place trades automatically to profit the traders. Bitcoin Evolution guarantees you a laser fast trading execution. This is mostly because the trades are placed without emotions of fear, greed, or uncertainty. Similarly, this contributes to the bots high trade volume explaining why it guarantees investors of up to $1300 daily profits

Therefore, the analytical and automated trading strategies contribute to the high success rate and accuracy of the bot. In addition, are resourceful to both gurus and amateurs in the industry.


Bitcoin Evolution charges no commission on deposits and withdrawals. In addition, the bot is available for free, making it accessible to any potential investor.

The bot accepts payments via MasterCard Visa Card and Maestro to mention but a few. This enhances the security feature of the bot since these payment systems are verified.

The minimum deposit allowed is $250, which is quite affordable to potential traders of different financial muscle. Other than that, this minimum amount minimizes the trading risk. It is an indication, that Bitcoin Evolution, indeed has a concern for its customers’ finance and is not rooted to exploit them.

In addition, withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, unlike other bots that delay payments and sometimes withhold customers’ money.

Demo Account

If you are a newbie at trading, then the Bitcoin Evolution demo account may be of help to you. The bot offers a demo account that allows traders to learn the does and don’ts of trading. However, with this bot, there is a catch, to access the demo account you need to pay up a minimum deposit of $250. The bot argues that the demo account is based on the same historical data used in live account hence the need to pay.

This model is similar to the one used by their competitors, Bitcoin Compass and Bitcoin Trader.


Firstly, the bot deals in different types of cryptocurrencies. They include LiteCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. Other than that, Bitcoin Evolution also pairs currencies such as AUD/JPY to mention but a few. Therefore, the bot creates the convenience of use since you can trade in the cryptocurrency of your choice

Secondly, the bot is web-based; this means that you do not have to download it to enjoy its services. As such, as long you have an internet connection, you can easily access the bot on phone and even via desktop. Therefore, you are able to monitor your account anywhere anytime.

CFD Trading

I do not own any cryptocurrency? Well do not freight, Bitcoin Evolution offers CFD trading that allows you to make real money without actually owning bitcoins. With this feature, all you have to do is predict the price movement of bitcoins. If your prediction is correct, then real money is credited to your account. On that account, the bot shows deliberate intention to include all potential traders regardless of their current financial situation.

Customer Services

Bitcoin Evolution offers topnotch customer services 24/7 hours a day. The company is available for customer services on email through a dialogue box that pops up. However, if you need a more urgent response, you can use the live chat, which replies promptly


The bot has built a good reputation in the market. It has, therefore, become a household name among traders. The testimonials include how a trader made $600 dollars in 2 weeks. Another trader states that Bitcoin Evolution has minimal errors, unlike other bots. As such, the bot’s reputation speaks for itself. Bitcoin Evolution is clearly a reliable crypto trading software.

So Should I trade with Bitcoin Evolution?

I have helped you break Bitcoin Evolution down to help you understand how it works. The decision of if to invest in it or not is purely yours to make. The trader always has the last say. However, I hope the article influence you to make the right decision.

In summary, even with the increase in the number of fraudulent bots, a crypto trading software like Bitcoin Evolution have proved to be powerful and intuitive. This gives hope that the cryptocurrency industry shall continue to soar higher.


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