Bitcoin Compass Review 2019


Bitcoin Compass is an automated crypto trading bot that boasts of making people millionaires overnight by trading with them. According to its website, a group of trading gurus who have experience in sophisticated trading and cryptocurrencies developed the bot. Due to the high level of expertise used, the crypto trading software claims of having a 99.4% accuracy. That said, this article will highlight Bitcoin Compass features and performance to help you determine if it is worth your investment.

Bitcoin Compass Review

This product is in line with many of the crypto robots we’ve reviewed. It makes major promises, but lacks in real proof.

Regardless, we’ll review, analyze and test to let you know our thoughts.


To start, the security of customers’ information and funds is always a point of concern when choosing a crypto bot. Bitcoin Compass has 100% confidence with its security feature. The company claims to be MCAfee free and Norton Secured. As such, your information is safe from virus and unauthorized access.

Moreover, the bot accepts payment from credit cards such as Visacard and MasterCard that are secure. This enhances the security of customers’ funds.

Strategy for Results

Firstly, the bot takes pride in investing in sophisticated algorithms that study the financial market trends and automatically places a trade accordingly. As such, all trades are automated and the trader can make profits with the least possible effort. Bitcoin Compass associates its 99.4% win rate with the auto-piloted trading.

Secondly, the bot boast of using cutting-edge technology to develop and run the crypto bot. Therefore, the software is user- friendly and resourceful to both amateurs and professional gurus. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that the company guarantees traders of up to $1300 daily profit

On that account, the bot proves to have great faith in its strategies, which in turn generates huge profits.

Though, none of these results are verified, so they have to be taken with a grain of salt. The same can be said of Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

Manual Trading

While else automated trading is very popular, most gurus prefer manual trading. As such, they are independently able to study market trends, analyze them and place trades accordingly. With Bitcoin Compass manual trading, you have full control of your account. However, this feature is only resourceful to expert traders. I recommend you only use the manual trading feature when you are certain of your trading skills.


With Bitcoin Compass, all transactions are commission-free, that is for deposits and withdrawals. Other than that, the minimum deposit allowed to trade is $250, which is affordable to people of different financial muscle. The procedures to withdrawing are minimal and you can withdraw any amount. However, the bot takes a couple of working days to process payments, which may cause inconveniences to traders.

Fast Trade Execution

The bot’s automated trading software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. As such, trade signals are identified and trades placed at a faster rate, unlike manual trading. This is because auto-piloted trades are free of human emotions of fear and uncertainty. Therefore, while trading in Bitcoin Compass you cannot miss any trading opportunity.


Bitcoin Compass has managed to get awards in its years of operation. The bot has received several top trusted trading awards example The European Guild Traders Award and the World Traders Conference Cup. On that account, the bot has displayed its Trusted Certified Privacy badge that supports its security feature


Our detailed research reviled that several traders endorse the bot as profitable and indeed trustworthy. Some traders have testimonies of how they make between $50-$100 daily by trading in the bot. Testimonials are a clear sign that the Bitcoin Compass truly exists and is making people money from trading.

Short- Coming

Well, there are always two sides to a story. On the flip, Bitcoin Compass has its drawbacks.

  • Demo Account

The bot has no demo account. As such, newbies have to invest in real cash to try their lack as they learn. This results in beginners shying away from the bot since most of the time they make loses. Demo accounts are very important and are always associated with legitimate crypto bots. Hence, the lack of a demo account raises questions on the legitimacy of Bitcoin Compass

  • Withdrawals

The bot takes too much time processing withdrawals that is, a couple of working days as stated on its website. When withdrawals delay, traders start to ask after their money, which may raise unnecessary red flags about the bot.

  • Clone Websites

Identifying the official Bitcoin Compass website has proved to be quite a task. This is because there are several websites bearing its name. The websites are fraudulent yet they hide behind Bitcoin Compass. This has resulted in a number of reviews calling the bot a swindle.

So can I invest in the bot?

With the bot’s prominent features and its shortcomings being on the open, it is now easier to analyze the information and decide if the crypto bot will serve you or not. I hope the article informs your choice

In summary, to as you trade, remember that the crypto trading market is highly versatile and investing in any bot is always a risk. Therefore, remember to trade in only what you can afford to lose. All the best!


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