Bit Revolution Review: Scam or a Legit Trading Option


The Bit revolution is a cryptocurrency trading app that allows users to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via automated trading software. The company uses “making people rich” as its tagline. This certainly refers to its claims that the software can identify the best trades from a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It is basically an application that allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies for a profit. It claims that all of the trades that are done through this platform will be profitable.

The Bit revolution software has only appeared recently in the market. It is unclear who the developers of the software are, as this company does not have much history in the market. Their website ( ), seems to be a carbon copy of several similar application websites in the market, indicating the scammy nature of this app. The developers have not revealed their identity (as is the case with various scam applications). There is no contact number or address given on their website and the only mode of contacting the company is via a contact form on the website: There are no further details or other information that one can use to verify the authenticity of the company.

Bit Revolution Product Review

The Bit revolution software is a product launched by an online company that claims to help trade your cryptocurrencies across different wallets. It can help trade your different cryptocurrencies in order to make a profit. Trading cryptocurrencies is similar to trading across multiple international currencies. By trading different cryptocurrencies, you can make a profit. However, this involves keeping constant track of the different crypto markets. This app allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies without spending any time to keep a track of the different markets. Basically, the app automatically trades for you. The company claims that more than 99% of the trades are profitable, which is unrealistic for a human trader, let alone an automated software.

Other options that are similar to Bit Revolution, are:

Bit Revolution Product Strategy

The Bit revolution software works on automated algorithms that automatically trade between different crypto wallets. The profit that you make off these trades is the benefit that you get from this app. The app promises that almost all of their trades will be profitable. However, this cannot be proven by any logical method as there is no trading that can guarantee a 100% success rate.

The only trades that guarantee a 100% fixed return is if you invest your money in the bank. This scam makes money by referring you to a third party broker. While a registered broker is unlikely to scam you, the Bit revolution software does not allow you to choose your own broker. This allows the broker to scam you and the company does not have to take any blame for any money that you lose to the scam. In reality, you are effectively being scammed by the software company.


  • Software: Bit revolution app
  • Pricing: Free
  • Initial deposit: $250
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Claimed success rate: 99% (However, this success rate has not been properly verified).

Trading Results

The Bit revolution app claims to have a profitability guarantee of 99% on every trade. It can trade bitcoins for other coins and withdraw the profit to different crypto wallets. However. It has received many negative reviews and the trading result have yet to be verified by external parties. So far, all the external reviews point to the fact that their claims are false and that the trading results are not as good as the website has shown. In reality, even the best traders cannot guarantee a profit on every trade. From this, we can conclude that the product is a scam and the trading results are fake.

Client Feedback

Bit revolution app has received a lot of negative feedback from the public. Not only are reputable review sites calling it a scam, but many of the users have also reported that the company takes all the money that they invested through corrupt brokers. In addition to this, many users have complained that their accounts were shut down for no reason and the company did not allow them to withdraw the funds that they had in their wallets. As one user pointed out: “It’s a scam behind the curtains”. The extremely negative feedback proves that it is definitely a scam.


Most automatic trading apps have proven to be scams. They take a certain amount of deposit that you have to give to a third-party broker and use that broker to take your personal information and scam you.

The Bit revolution scheme seems to be similar to these scams as it has not been verified and the claims that they make in terms of return are unreal. There are no legitimate programs that can guarantee a 99% trading accuracy as the cryptocurrency markets are unstable. Therefore, you should always trade through a registered broker in order to avoid getting scammed.

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