Banner Banc Review: New scam using old methods!


Banner Banc is one of the most effective scams on the internet. They base their business model on scamming users who have no knowledge of online ads. They claim that you can make profits of up to $1300 in a single day. Not only does this seem unrealistic, but it is also impossible with an investment of just $250. Banner Banc is based on the principle of automated ad pasting services. They claim that they can generate profits using an automated system that can trade using complex algorithms. These systems can help you trade ad credits for a profit. However, there are no legitimate automated traders on the record that can achieve such profit margins daily. Most ad viewing systems can only give you maximum profits of a few dollars every day, which is far away from the claims of this company.

Banner Banc is an online business that claims to be secured by various companies such as Norton and McAfee. However, they have simply pasted these banners on the site to make it look professional. In addition to this, they claim that they are a registered company. However, no records of their registration were found upon closer scrutiny. The website only contains an e-mail address, which is strange as they provide no additional contact information. The e-mail is and the website is at They have a copy of the same website under the name of “digital revolution. This proves that it is a complete scam and they try to operate the same scheme under different names.

Banner Banc Review

The Banner Banc concept is based on many other ‘get rich quick’ schemes. They have include fake testimonials on their site to prove their point. However, this is simply not the case with such ad sites. Most ad sites claim to give you credits for pasting ads or investing I ad viewing programs. Hence the name “banner”. However, this site does not promise any ad credits. Rather, they simply want you to make an investment and claim that you will get specific returns. There are no specific ad programs that can guarantee such profits. In addition to this, their contact information is irrelevant and they have not provided any concrete evidence that their program actually works.


The strategy behind Banner Banc is simple. They first try to lure customers through their name, which is similar to “banner bank”. This is a legitimate online registered bank. Once a customer signs up for the service, they will tell you that you have to deposit a certain amount of money into your account as an initial investment. This money will supposedly be invested in ads that can generate daily revenue. However, this can be deceptive as even Google ads cannot generate that much revenue, despite their popularity. This shows that the company has no specific strategy for generating as much revenue as they claim. Thus, it is a scam that is designed to take your money without giving any returns. Other than this, the website does not disclose any specific strategy that will help their ads create additional revenue.


  • Company: My digital revolution
  • Product: Banner Banc
  • Strategy: Banner ads investment
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Client feedback: Negative
  • Minimum investment: $250

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Trading Results

As with any legitimate trading app or investment opportunity, there has to be specific trading results which help indicate that this will not be a scam. However, there is no conclusive evidence that supports the claims made by the Banner Banc group in terms of the profits that they promise. Not only are these profits unrealistic, they are impossible to achieve through legitimate ad revenue. Many people have managed to get good trading results through affiliate programs that are linked to ad viewing. However, there is no way that they can generate profits of more than 100% daily. This is a clear sign that it is a total scam and should be avoided.

Client Feedback

The customer review surrounding Banner Banc is extremely negative. All the people who have used it have said that it is a total scam. Although they do have some positive reviews on the website, these are all fake. The images are common stock images that have been used by many similar scams in the past. Even the revenues that it claims the site had generated are all exact copies of those found on forex and bitcoin trading scams. Therefore, you should stay clear of such schemes that cannot even generate a single positive review.


Banner Banc is a complete scam that promises impossible returns on specific ad revenue. They appeal to customers by presenting themselves as a legitimate company. However, in reality, they cannot generate such profits and make away with all the customers’ investments. If you want to invest in ads, you should do so through a legitimate, registered company.

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