Aurora trader review: Is it a scam that is difficult to recognize?


Aurora trader is an automated trading robot and it allows traders who have no experience in the cannabis industry, to trade in profitable stocks. Aurora trader claims that its trading robot is designed to maximize positive trades and minimize any loss. However, they do not provide any guarantee that you won’t lose all your money by investing in this site.  Online trading companies either trade in real stocks, cryptocurrencies or forex stocks. Apart from these, there are no other ways to trade online.

You can access the trading app after creating an account on the website. The website address is: Apart from this, there is no contact information such as phone numbers or addresses. They are not a registered company and have no legal information so you are investing at your own risk.

Unfortunately, they do not even provide a basic email address to prove that the site is legitimate. You can only access many features after creating an account, so there is no way of getting any details on the company beforehand. This is very unlikely as most legitimate trading companies will provide complete contact information to their customers. Only after you are satisfied, you should invest in any site. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Aurora trader.

Aurora Trader Review

Aurora trader is an automated trading service provider that allows users to automatically trade in the stocks of various cannabis companies. Weed trading has been legalized in many countries and companies have been created around this trade. Aurora trading is similar to a third party broker site that offers to trade for you, using your own funds. The software is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying anything for software that is relatively new. On the other hand, it becomes questionable that a trading app will provide services for free. This is against the very principle of business.

Aurora trader is basically a robot that has a fixed algorithm. This algorithm can help detect profitable trades and you’ll be able to identify which ones are profitable. However, the site claims that everything is automated so all you need to do is invest an initial $250 or more and wait to receive profits.

The site requires you to create an account before you can access any of the features, so you’ll have to provide your contact information first. It is strange that a company that does not provide any contact information will look to take all your contact information. This is a warning sign that all is not well with this site. 


The apparent trading strategy of aurora trader is quite simple. They claim that they have automated trading software that can detect which trades are profitable from many trades in the market.

The site will use your money to automatically trade in these stocks and you’ll only have to wait to receive profits. However, once you receive your profits, you’ll be directed to an external broker that is supposed to help you withdraw your funds. However, if the site is unregulated, there is a good chance that these brokers are unregulated as well. Weed trading is similar to other stocks and you do not need any magical software to trade profitably. 

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  • Product: Trading robot
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Strategy: Not explained properly
  • Registered: No

Trading Results

If you are still unsure whether aurora trader is a scam or not, look no further than their trading results. Not only do they claim to be profitable most of the time, but the profits on each trade are also quite high.

However, there is a separate debate as to whether the trading results are shown on this site actually reflect what customers are experiencing. Unfortunately, customer feedback proves that the trading results are not real. The robot is designed to make a few small profits, after which you lose all your money. 

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Client Feedback

Unfortunately for aurora trader, the customer feedback indicates that it is probably not very credible. A customer posted a positive review after getting small profits but later claimed that the company “has turned into a scam”. Most customers share a similar experience. This is not the first or last negative review that claims that the company is operating on shady terms. Customers are claiming that they are unable to withdraw any funds, even though the site shows some profit. 


Aurora trader seems to have started off with automated trading in an ambitious way, however, most of the information surrounding the site has proven to be wrong. They claim things that are not backed by any evidence, they provide no contact information and are unregistered. It would be only advisable to stay cautious while trading with this company.

Have you had an experience with Aurora Trader? Or have you been considering investing with them? We would want to hear from you, in the comments below!


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