AltSignals: Is it an Old Shady Scheme or a Legit Service?

0 is a cryptocurrency trading signals websites that claim to provide accurate predictions about cryptocurrency market trends. It also claims to help traders a high-profit margin and seems to have been operational since 2017.

The owner of the website is a person named Rod and has been provided with his telegram account but no further details of the commencement have been mentioned other than it was raised in 2017. Looking that up through ‘’, we found that the website was nowhere to be seen in 2017 and as matter of fact, it had been commenced somewhere in April of 2018 which raises a major red flag. The false statement about the commencement of the website can also be backed by the signal information record available on the website, which provides a seemingly reliable front by the looks of it but they do not have records dating back from 2017.

The website ( mentions a support email:, a contact number: 0800 048 5170, however, no company address has been mentioned on the website.

AltSignals Review

There is absolutely no doubt about the oozing professionalism of the website which seems evident and satisfactory. The nature of the website can be related to that of Margin Trading, which is a major provider of cryptocurrency assets and calls. They also provide sufficient technical and basic analysis to take out the factor of blind investment for viewers and they do it in a fairly captivating manner. Listing of the aims and core values of the company gives them a more reliable and trustworthy feeling as they have mentioned some of the following:

  • Continuous Adaptation to the fluctuating trends of the market.
  • Being a cheap pick for quality results.
  • It provides coaching for newbie traders to enhance their profit-making chances.
  • Trade on the latest exchanges for cryptocurrencies.


The website mainly focuses on the harsh forms of advertising and stating results and graphs to convince viewers and customers. Although the claims being made by the website itself seem to be too good to be true with realistic return rates, they, make no mention of the strategy on which they can devise the results.

Coming over to the technical information and background provided by the website itself, we can learn that besides being the provider of accurate trade calls, it also is a seller of Tradingview indicators online. The indicator is an analysis feature that guides the potential traders best for when to hold, buy, or sell a certain trading stock and can prove to be of great help to beginners. However, the price tag for it is too high by the providers and the website needs to provide amazing results for such a high purchase.

Demanding for such a high price of $99 for a month of assistance $1000 for a lifetime membership, the website needs to elaborate on their means of methodology to back their claims and loyalty.


Some of the basic facts to be noted about the website for quick analysis are as follows.

  • Located: Not Disclosed
  • Founded: 2017 (Fabricated Claim).
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Trading Results: the trading results and the success ratios provided by the website itself are quite realistic.
  • Price: $99 for a month of services and $1000 deposit for a lifetime membership.

You may want to take a look at some similar platforms, in order to make your decision: Forex Fury, Templar FundsBitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

Trading Results

The trading performance shown on the website seems to be quite promising at first, but as you go through most of it you will observe only images for the win, loss, and return rates that are unverified anywhere else. They have details of reports that are once again stacked up with images and graphs, however, there’s no way to verify and authenticate the reported results.

Client Feedback

The user reviews present on the website are from a website called Trustpilot, which has been known for generated altered and biased reviews, provided the admin has been paid. The link to another review website has been added which is Safe trading. Safe trading is a website that has reviews about different trading products, but the statistics available there raise a few red flags.

The number of members of is mentioned to be 70K on the website whereas it is 80k on Safe trading. Reading some of the reviews in detail, you also notice unrealistic comments by users who have a win rate of 97%. Furthermore, the comments and reviews appear to be way too generic.

Conclusion lacks a major deal of transparency to be trusted with major investments of $99 and $1000. They have provided insufficient information on their website and it creates a lot of suspicion around how authentic they are. We would recommend exercising caution when dealing with this service provider as they do look promising at first but have certain gaps in the provided information.

If you have had any experience with this company or have been considering doing business with them, we would love to hear more from you in the comments section below.

~ Happy Trading!


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