Airdrop Cash Review: Scam or Not?


AirdropCash has been introduced to the forex and binary options trading industry as a mining service, however, the application seems to be very questionable and hardly reliable. According to the developers, by using this service the traders would be able to generate consistent profits. However, there was a catch: the traders must deposit their bitcoins, in order to rent the promised mining capacity of the application. The company doesn’t pause here with the lofty promises, they ensure daily returns ranging from 7% to 14%! 

The website of this service has a professional design but it does follow the same template that is getting way too common in the cryptocurrency market. Apart from the website, the owners have not revealed any information related to the company. The fact that company owners are not coming forth with their identities, raises a lot of suspicion. It is also very hard to be able to trust a company without learning about who founded it. 

Airdrop Cash Review

AirdropCash is allegedly an investment and cloud mining website (or service) that promises its customers to give them consistent profits, i.e. on a daily basis. They also claim to help generate profits within a very absolute range, i.e. 7% to 14% net profits. They are guaranteeing an automated service that will generate profits for its customers (investors) on a daily basis without any extra effort on their part. 

The company offers about three different investment options to the traders. All the investment options that are available for their customers is based on the daily return values that have been mentioned above. If you want to go for the hourly interest plan of 4.45% then a deposit amount of minimum $10 and maximum $10,000 is required; for the plan of 4.58% interest (per hour) you are required to make an investment or a deposit of minimum $25 to a maximum of $50,000. The third interest plan guarantees a 4.7% hourly interest and as an investor you are required to make a deposit of minimum $100 to a maximum of $70,000.

Airdrop Cash Strategy

The owners make confident statements that are quite a bit exaggerated and have negligible logical evidence. The service claims to offer its customers the ability to make consistent profit on a long term (daily) basis without any major risks. According to the description that they have provided on their website, they are able to achieve this “no-risk and high-profitability” by years of extensive market knowledge and diverse experience of the cryptocurrency and binary options trade market. The service requires the potential clients or traders to place their assets (Bitcoins) in the asset management platform of Airdrop cash service, in order to earn a profit. 

They claim to be working with advanced hardware networks that make them able to offer their clients a consistent profit percentage. Furthermore, they claim to be able to generate consistent and high profit margins because of owning a production house for Ethereum and Bitcoin mining at their data centers. 

Apart from these vague statements, the owners of this service have shared no details about how it all happens. Neither have they accounted for any potential losses. It seems a little too unrealistic to believe in the promised high profitability percentages. 

Airdrop Cash Analysis

The developers have revealed no information about their identity and everything else is quite chaotic. They have multiple locations as their data centers and have a 24/7 customer support.

  • Located: They have mentioned three different locations as their data centers
    • USA (Douglas County, Georgia; The Dalles, Oregon)
    • Asia (Singapore; Changhua County, Taiwan)
    • Europe (Hamina, Finland; St Ghislain, Belgium; Dublin, Ireland)
  • Founded: October, 2019
  • Contact Number: +44 504 442 00
  • Strategy: investment and cloud mining service (automated)
  • Trading Results: Not verified

Airdrop Cash Trading Results

There is no evidence of trading results at all. The profit returns that they have promised also seem overly exaggerated and unrealistic. Furthermore, the company does not account for any losses and there is a lot of secrecy regarding the exact operational strategy, as well as, owner identification. 

They have claimed on their website (About us page) that they are a licensed company (license number: 10890123) and are recognized, that should have added some degree of reliability. However, upon clicking on “more details”, you find out that the company status is “dissolved” now (this is way too quick for any company!). 

Client Feedback

There are no client feedback either. However, multiple reviewers have questioned the authenticity of this service and identified it as a scam. 


Airdrop Cash service seems to be highly questionable and hardly reliable. They have promised unrealistic profit percentages and require the investors to place their bitcoin assets with Airdrop Cash system (which makes it sound way too risky, given the fact that there are several gaps in the strategic information). There are absolutely no reviews from customers or clients and the website is inaccessible already (it has only been a few days since it was launched). The service seems unreasonable and more like a scam. We would rate it 1-out-of-5. 

Some of the better options would be…

Have you had any experience with this service so far? Share with us in the comments below!

[update: 11/14/2019] Interestingly, the website is not accessible at all. It could be inaccessible due to a terminal server error or it could have been down because the scam was through. 


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