24 Crypto Miners Review: What it’s all about?


24 Crypto Miners is yet another investment company in cryptocurrency mining. The company claims to be among the best crypto investment platforms in the market and guarantees a minimum USD 100 withdrawal within, merely, seven days time. This sounds way too high, given the risks and uncertainties prevailing the crypto marketplace. 

There is no information about the owners or developers of this company on the website. The company seems to have no social media presence either (as their website shares no profile links). Although, the website does display a contact number (+1 (361) 494-5346) and email adderss (info@24cryptominers.com). They appear to be located in London (UK) according to the company registration number that they have shared on their website (i.e. 10125673). The company number appears to be ‘active’, however, the registration number is associated with a different company name (i.e. BTC World Ltd). The company website has major gaps when it comes to offering explanation about the developer information or strategic details, that raises suspicion and doubt around its authenticity.

24 Crypto Miners Review

As evident from its name, 24 Crypto Miners is a company that is concerned with offering services for mining the cryptocurrency. The company invites investments in the crypto mining and guarantees high profit margin of about 45% within a short duration of 14 days (or 2 weeks). This profit margin of 45% every 2 weeks would mean that you would be making about a 100% every month! This sounds too good to be true and on top of this inflated statistics, the company has provided no details about how they are doing it. When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, it’s tricky business and profit margins as high as 45% or more are hardly possible. 

The company offers a few investment plans and all of them seem absolutely unrealistic. The first plan requires a minimum investment of about 0.065 BTC (that is around $500) and promises a return of 45% within 14 days. Their second investment plan is showcasing a 55% profit on a minimum investment of 0.15 BTC (around $1000) within 21 days; the third one requires a minimal investment of 0.55 BTC (around $4000) with a 65% return after 28 days. While the last one shares a 75% profit on a minimum investment of 1.5 BTC (around $10,000) within a matter of 31 days. All these profit percentages make absolutely no sense and the investment that they are demanding for each plan is quite high given the associated risk. 

Upon taking a closer look at the website, you would notice that the founders of 24 Crypto Miners have invested little to no effort in building a credible company profile. Although, they have shared a company registration number that appears to be active; 24 Crypto Miners is actually operating illegally in investment services. This is because as far as they have mentioned, they happen to be a UK based company and according to the UK regulations, they need to be licensed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) but they lack such a license. All of the gaps and inconsistencies in the information about this company make it appear more questionable when it comes to credibility and authenticity.

24 Crypto Miners Strategy

There is no information about their mining operations at all. Throughout the website, the owners are talking repeatedly about their simplistic registration process and that they are ‘the best’ cyrptocurrency miners (dealing in Bitcoin). They haven’t elaborated any strategic details about their platform or methods. For instance, there is a strong need to have detailed information about how they would make a profit margin of 45% within 2 weeks possible for their potential investors.

24 Crypto Miners Analysis

  • Located: London/Northern Ireland, UK
  • Founded: 2016
  • Strategy: Not disclosed
  • Trading Results: Not verified
  • Price: 0.065 BTC

24 Crypto Miners Trading Results

Although the company has displayed a few graphs and interactive figures but 24 Crypto Miners trading results are unverified. They have shared a few testimonials on their website, that seem to be outrightly fake.

The website also displays a dynamic investments and withdrawal ledger, however, the figures could be fictional. Because there is no proof about their operational strategy, they do not have any social presence online and there seems to be a huge uproar in the market about 24 crypt miners being a scam company. If they are a legitimate crypto investment platform, they need to fill in the gaps in order to win the trust of potential investors.

Client Feedback 

There are no client reviews about 24 crypt currency, however, the company displays a few testimonials (a total of four) on their website. All these testimonials appear questionable, there is no proof of the fact that the alleged reviewers are actually real ones. There are no comments over google or any social media platform about this company.


24 Crypto Miners have shared no information about their operational strategy, have little to no support of the trading results (all the data and testimonials that they have displayed on their website seem fabricated and are not linked to any social proof or logical evidence). On top of everything, the company is demanding huge investment amounts. In order to establish themselves as a reliable cryptocurrency miners and to attract potential investors, 24 Crypto Miners must fill in a lot of strategic gaps and must provide the required background information. Until then, it is wise to stay cautious from 24 Crypto Miners investment platform and their unsubstantiated lofty claims. 

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